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Wedding Planning Company Name Ideas

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It’s not a secret that every couple dreams of their wedding day. Mostly, almost all women start having ideas and thoughts on this special day since their childhood. Among so many ceremonies of life, a wedding is the most important and remarkable day for everyone. Since planning a wedding is full of stress and responsibilities, most people hire wedding planners to do the job magnificently. 

So, if you are thinking about starting a wedding planning company, you are going to jump into an industry that has fierce competition. A wedding planner not only cares about every detail of the customer’s dreams but also helps the couple enjoy their day full without getting stressed. A wedding planner is a problem solver. But when you are starting, you will face a doubt yourself, how should I name my business.  To run a successful wedding planning business, you have to choose an appealing name for your company, which gives anyone a reason to hire you.

When it comes to naming a business, you are creating the first impression for customers. The company name should give the customers a feeling that they found the company they can finally rely on. Forging a company name is not an easy task. Check the naming tips to sharpen your idea of making a quality brand name and optimize your research. 

Here we have provided some business name ideas for wedding and event planning companies after analyzing 5000+ business names in the industry.

Premium business names for wedding planning companies

If you are planning to start a professional wedding planning business, you must consider the legal availability. Because it is not only the most essential thing for a company, it is also your business identity. Here are some premium business names that will be perfect matches for professional wedding planning companies. If you are interested, you can purchase these brand names from a legally owned domain reseller and the .com domain if available.

Remlly Style

brand name example wedding planning companies

Lojiko Events

brand name example wedding planning companies

Brengu Planners

brand name example wedding planning companies

Zeogi Style

brand name example wedding planning companies

Mishog Tale

brand name example wedding planning companies

Degaba Wedding

brand name example wedding planning companies

Nufoxo Bridal

brand name example wedding planning companies

Tiyono Fashion

brand name example wedding planning companies

Mufilo Moments

brand name example wedding planning companies

Oprilee Occations

brand name example wedding planning companies

Friold Functions

brand name example wedding planning companies

Giusue Clicks

brand name example wedding planning companies

Pricok Planning

brand name example wedding planning companies

Nocxo Celebrations

brand name example wedding planning companies

Roolor Memories

brand name example wedding planning companies

Best wedding and event planning business names

Wedding planning is a profitable business with lots of opportunities. But to stand out from the competition, you need to have an engaging name. If your idea is to start a nonprofessional business, these naming ideas will be a help to choose one for your business.

Mojosa Weddings
Monarx Events
Voitto Occations
Deziro Ells
Amarya Weddings
Funkcio Planners
Kingling Events
Mithril Functions
Ceremania Dottore
Memorya Weddings
Wedding Wizate
Riskele Moments
Zafira Nuptials
Rubiini Planners
Paradys Memories
Zeremoni Events
Livslang Aesthetics
Kanaryo Celebrations
Plantastic Rendezvous
Martese Celebrations

Catchy bridal shop name ideas

At a wedding, the bride is the most beautiful and significant thing that gets noticed. The ceremony will last a day or two, but all the women have a dream to be unique since the memories last forever. When selecting a place to shop for the gown or wedding dresses, any woman becomes selective as much as she can be. With that mindset, a bridal shop or a business without a catchy name to get the attention will go unnoticed. That is inevitable. You can do a competitor analysis to find out how successful they are with their business names. Inspire yourself to forge a catchy business name will be easier with this provided name list. 

Omalicha Lady
Kuwento Silk
Jonli Princess
Divin Lace
Glorioz Bride
Kuini Beloved
Rioga Lace
Galanta Tale
Langa Ribbon
Herlig Salon
Bridal Chobvala
Abwino Fashion
Zavus Weddings
Merayu Boutique
Felica Blues
Mazuri Threads
Nuvia Curves
Fiancxo Violet
Drusica Style
Spero Fashion

Classy names for wedding packages and photography packages

Naming wedding packages is not so easy as it sounds. Most people tend to use classic methods like silver-gold-platinum. While introducing your wedding packages to your valued customers, it is an advantage to use some classy names to represent them. When it comes to wedding photography, people mostly check past work rather than the name of the package. But still, if you are interested in mixing your package details with some classy package name ideas, this list will help you get inspired. 


Indian wedding company names

India is famous for celebrating all kinds of functions vastly colorful and enjoyable. Among them, weddings are the most delightful with lots of decorations, pretty dresses, and sweet food. So if you are starting a wedding planning company in Indian style, your company name should also be delightful. We have researched and forged a list of engaging company name ideas to help you to brainstorm the perfect match for your business.

Thakshak Events
Suryam Weddings
Devam Planners
Ashvath Functions
Savar Events
Eurabhi Occations
Ujvala Celebrations
Srestha Events
Paramah Moments
Varanane Nuptials
Amrta Easthetics
Suragni Memories
Vichitra Functions
Glory Vivahas
Brahmavit Weddings
Manmatha Celebrations
Vajrapushpa Planners
Seetharam Occations
Mastani Celebrations
Sathyam Rendezvous

French names for wedding planning business

French-style weddings don’t use lots of colors like Indians. Most of the time, french weddings look simply charming and full of entertainment. France is the country that has the city of love. And most of the ceremonies are inspired by love and romance. If your customers have a taste for a french style wedding, it’s better to introduce yourself to them in the same taste. If not, with the huge competition in the industry, you will not stand out. The customers’ mindset is very important to think about while forming a business name. Since it is not as easy as it seems, we did the hardest part of researching for most suitable names for a french wedding planning business. Here is the list of business names we suggest for you.

Pijon Weddings
Harlig Mariages
Belles Celebrations
Romantik Events
Perfek Mariages
Wangwiro Planners
Kiraly Events
Xarrago Functions
Event Dottore
Hebat Rendezvous
Wedding Wizadi
Caroban Moments
Magiske Nuptials
Zanash Planners
Iwin Memories
Platino Events
Wrozka Aesthetics
Qiellor Celebrations
Nebeski Weddings
Colorido Occasions

Unique names for wedding planning companies

When you are naming a wedding planning business, the name can be well recognized and adored by the customers. Or it can bring you a negative effect on your success. While brainstorming to create a business name, you have to think about ideas that can reflect business values, emotions, and longevity. Your business name doesn’t need to sound like any other business in the industry. The advantage of using a unique business name is it can forge you an engaging identity. 

Here are some other suggestions to inspire you to create a unique business name for your wedding planning company.

Papallona Weddings
Armas Events
Pafe Occations
Alainn Bells
Parfait Weddings
Kamili Planners
Hingpit Events
Zobe Functions
Event Medico
Sonne Nuptials
Wedding Sorcier
Espiral Moments
Vonzo Nuptials
Menarik Planners
Gratus Memories
Perle Events
Bozsky Aesthetics
Foirfe Weddings
Dhiyaga Celebrations
Encanto Celebrations

Wedding photography company names

Anyone can take a picture, but professional photography is an art not so easy to master. It requires pure talent. Same as that, to make yourself a place among the best companies in the field requires a creative business name. Just like you are capturing a precious moment, you have to take the best shot while choosing a name. 

We have grouped some catchy business names for wedding photography companies, which will help you to have a better idea.

Szines Lens
Barvita Studio
Laetus Photography
Kestava Impression
Dauran Smiles
Magnifik Captures
Miavaka Moments
Fanga Moments
Capturing Magjistar
Veetlev Lens
Mafarki Shooters
Riyoon Photo
Kreativ Classics
Bizia Clicks
Vivaci Shutters
Snap Princas
Cudovito Images
Hayag Studio
Lahodny Photographers
Harusi Photographers

Dos and don’ts of naming a business

While naming your business, there are some dos and don’ts you have to follow. No matter how talented you are in your industry, but when it comes to captivating the attention of customers, your business name comes first. 

Making it hard to spell or pronounce can be a major disadvantage for your business. Including a city name in your business name can be a wise choice if you don’t have an idea to expand your customer base out of the city. But it is always good to avoid limiting yourself to a local city while naming. Another common mistake is using abbreviations. For as a new startup name, it is not a creative idea. 

You can refer our lists and get inspired to forge some unique names. Review the business names you created using our review tool. And poll your friends to know what they think from the customer’s perspective before the final decision. Here are some business name examples that you have to avoid for the sake of your business.

In a pinch pictures
Make it snappy
I do photography
Love photo maker
Strike a pose photo
Styles and poses
Special moments studio
Flash me photography
With love photography
Impress me photographers
Capture The Moment
Event planning by experts
As You Wish Event Planners
Your Planning Guardian
24/7 happy moments
Winning shot shooters
Every moment matters
Smiley picture studio
Say cheese photo studio
Single flash photography
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