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Twitter Name Ideas

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Twitter Name Ideas
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Twitter is different from other social networks. It is the go-to social network app for any information and the biggest source of news for what is going on in the world. Twitter has over 300 million active monthly users. Forging a Twitter name can be hard with the number of users it already has. There is a possibility that your name idea can be a chosen one. So creating a unique Twitter name can be a tough task. 

Basically, Twitter has two different types of names. Display name and the username.  Display names have to be 50 characters or below in length, and the username has to be 15 or below. Here we will give you suggestions for both. You can use a cool name of your choice as your display name. If not, you can use your business name or your real name according to your needs. You can change your display name whenever you need, without having an effect on followers. This is the name your followers identify you with and search you on Twitter. So you have to use a cool name to stay engaged. 

On the other hand, the Twitter username AKA Twitter handle, which begins with @, is unique to your account. Twitter handle requires to log into our account, and it will be visible in tweets, replies, or messages. Choosing a Twitter handle is hard because most of the time, it can be already taken. We will talk about the ways you can make it unique.

Twitter is identified as a microblogging platform rather than a social network like Facebook. As we mentioned before, Twitter is more like a Wikipedia for ongoing things all over the world. If your presence on Twitter is not just to follow and gather information, but to have your own followers, you have to pick a good name to represent you to the audience. Let’s take it a step further.

Best Twitter name ideas for News accounts

The majority of the users on Twitter use their accounts to gather news and information. If your idea is to invest your time in their thirst by starting an account to tweet news, you have to captivate the attention of users. The news you provide will not be enough to undertake that task. That is the part your name has to play. These are some good ideas for Twitter display names for a news account.

Nazio News
Notizia International
Yuropa Today
Barfa Global
Wazzup World
Derde Eye
Plotka Insider
Tsiku Gossips
Globo Cybernews
Diario Reporter
Asteko Journal
Voix Daily
Worldwyd Info
Xanto Network
Vezeto BreakingNews

Cool Twitter name ideas for Sports

There are lots of users on Twitter looking for sports news. Starting an account to provide sports tweets is a nice idea. But you need to have a cool name for your account to show the users what you provide. If your username is capable of reflecting that to the audience, you can make followers effectively. These are some of our suggestions to help you brainstorm your account name.

Paziko Sports
Sportee News
Siporo Center
Michez Sportsclub
Sukan Daily
Espo Global
Kirol Sportsnews
Idman Journalists
Werzi Magazine
Sipora Network
Midlo Racing
Brzina Soccer
Mestaru Mma
Sporta International
Ezemi SportsMagazine

Classy Twitter name ideas for Girls

If you are thinking about not using your real name on Twitter or using it more attractively, you can use some of these suggestions and methods to create your name.

Queen Jane
Jane Inthesky
Jane Gurl
Jane Cupcake
Dazzlin Princess
The Snowflake
Vampire Chick
Crazy Cookie
Gummy Bear
Country Girl
Lady Fantastic
Mad Girlfriend
Star Fire

Twitter name ideas for Boys

According to the reports, 66% of Twitter users are male. Choosing a name to stand out is hard. Same as the previous chapter for girls, these are some interesting ways to create a display name for a boy.

Darth Teenage
Will i am
Badass John
Cereal Killer
Prince of hell
Mamas Boi
Devils Dad
Wacky Comments
Captain JohnD
Mr Devil
Shadow Chaser
Gaming Geek
Mr Perfect
Internationally Blacklisted

Twitter name ideas for Political accounts

Politics is a topic with endless news and stories. Sharing political tweets on Twitter can make lots of followers in a short time. But there are millions of competitors on Twitter under the political category. If you are willing to beat this competition, you need to captivate the attention of users by your name.

Since your name is the first impression for your followers, a perfect name can boost the appetite of users to follow your page for more tweets. We have analyzed over 1000 Twitter names to come up with these suggestions. Check out these ideas to forge your name.

Poli Ticsntricks
Politik Insider
Siyasi International
Zandale Diplomat
Kwezo Libarals
Mencur Anonymous
Klok News
Rozva Magazine
Vlada Democracy
Matla Network
Guyfaw News
Swiato Politics
Political Wings
Newsforce One

Twitter handle ideas and tips

Twitter username, aka Twitter handle, is the tough part you have to face. Since it should be unique, sometimes you have to try some alternative methods. If your username choice is already taken, you can try some of the tips below to make it unique. If yours is a personal account, this is where you are going to thank your precious parents for giving you an uncommon name. Or is it too common?

Use an underscore at the beginning or end
Use an underscore to separate words
Use one part of your name
Shorten your name
Use initials at the beginning, middle, or end
Add words like “the”, “real” or “official”
Mention what tweets you provide or what you do
Mention your business type or industry
Use location
Use your URL if you have one
Add “use” or “try” for products
Add some additional letters
Use a phrase

One or more of these tips will be a good match for your name. You can try them to find the best one for you. We will give you some examples of how to use these Twitter username tips.

Twitter handle ideas for Girls

While using some of these tips, you have to realize that they can affect you negatively. People mostly search you by your name, so using other alternatives makes you hard to find. But using your own name is a rare opportunity. So let’s see how we can create a cool Twitter username for girls.


Twitter handle ideas for Boys

Now you know the good and bad effects of using these methods. So without spending time to explain, let’s jump into the suggestions.


Twitter handle ideas for Companies

Blend your company name or brand name with some of these tips to find the most creative username for your account. If you are not sure about the most suitable one, create your best three names and poll your coworkers to decide the best. We will give you some examples for inspiration.


Dos and Don'ts of naming your Twitter account

There are no must-follow rules while naming your Twitter account apart from the character count. Generally, if you are creating a personal account, the best way is to use your real name in it. That will give you the identity and also protect you from looking like a bot. For the same reason, you have to avoid using the names of celebrities unless you have the same real name. It is better if you can avoid underscores and numbers, but consider the impact when you are using it. Just make sure both your display name and username reflects who you are. Do not take this task as hard as it seems to be. Being creative is all you need. 

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