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How to choose the perfect name for your business

A startup can have so many reasons to be successful or fail. One of the most important factors is the startup name. Before putting all the efforts into a startup, you have to select the most effective game changing startup name at the beginning. Here we are guiding you through the successful startup naming trends and examples. The most important startup questions we describe below will be all you need to name your startup.

How can you get found by your startup name?

Your startup name holds the identity of your business and the reputation. With your growth, people recognize you and remember you by your startup name. In that case if your business name is not enough to be brandable and memorable, it gives you a negative effect. So choosing a brandable and memorable name is a must for your startup. In most of the scenarios potential customers search you online to know more about you. As a professional startup you should have a catchy online presence with a .com domain. To make this goal achievable, you have to think about the availability too.

startup questions and answers
startup questions and answers

Is the name easy to pronounce?

Using a name that is hard to spell is risky for your growth. There are many successful businesses with hard to pronounce business names. But it is significantly low in numbers compared to the failed ones. Guess you have a name or surname that is hard to pronounce, you have to tell it so many times to people on many occasions. If the same happened after naming your startup, that will not be good for the branding.

Can your startup outgrow your startup name?

This is a common mistake most of the people face while in a business. Adding the name of your city into your startup name is helpful for the customers to find you easily. But what if you needed to start a branch in another town? Then you are going to regret your choice. Another common thing is we can see businesses use the business name to show what they sell.

It is great to catch the relevancy of the name and also easy for the customers to know what to expect from your business. But with the growth of your startup, if you decide to expand your products or launch a new service then you are in trouble with the name. So if you are brainstorming for a brandable startup name, it has to be potential and effective with any level of your growth without limiting your brand.

startup questions and answers
target market example

Who is the targeted customer base for your startup?

What is the connection your targeted customer base has with your startup name? According to what you offer through your startup, you have a specific customer base. It can be different by the age range, gender, language they speak, areas you cover, and many more. These differences can lead your customers for different tastes. So a better understanding about your customers can help you find the best tone and taste for your startup name.

Can you use your own name for a startup?

Using your own name as a part of your startup name is an easy and effective idea to reach a bigger customer base with popularity. But still, that doesn’t mean you can escape the qualities your startup name has to hold. The uniqueness of a startup name is important to withstand the competition. So you have to think twice whether your name is a good choice or too common.

Name for your Startup
startup questions and answers

Why should I invent my own business name?

Just as we mentioned earlier, uniqueness is a sign of success for startups. Using common names or words in your startup name can easily make you go unnoticed. When it comes to online presence it will be hard for you to rank up in search engines with common names and dictionary words. If you have a unique invented business name for your startup, you will not have to face those problems. However you have to make sure it is simple and short to be brandable.

Can I use abbreviations as my startup name?

Using abbreviations is easy and saves lots of your time you have to invest in finding the right business name for your startup. But on the other hand, abbreviated names do not work as attractive as a good business name. And also will not reflect any relevance to your business. There are successful companies with 3 letter company names, but it is up to you to decide that you are going to take that risk or not.

startup questions and answers
average company name length

What is the ideal character count for your startup name?

Using a lengthy business name is not good for a startup. Unless you have a big advertising budget, a lengthy name is not helpful for people to remember it effortlessly. The ideal character count is 4 to 6 for a perfect startup name. We suggest you stay within this limit while you are brainstorming a startup name.

What can I do if I can’t think of a startup name?

If brainstorming to create your own startup name is not going to work for you, then you can try two different options. First one is you can go through our startup name ideas to get yourself proper guidance. If still you don’t feel confident enough, use the Wobiyo startup name generator to do the task for you.

startup questions and answers
how to check if a brand name is taken

How can I know if my startup name is already taken?

There is a possibility your name is already taken by someone before you. This comes with the legal availability of your business name. You can check if the name is available for you to use by simply using our startup name review tool.

What are the things to consider before naming your startup?

Before starting the process of brainstorming your startup name, take your time to think about these areas.

  • Who are your target customers?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • Do you need your startup name to describe what you do?
  • What kind of words appeal to your target customers?
  • What are the business names of your competitors?
  • What kind of a name would help you withstand the competition?
branding and naming your startup
unique business name ideas

Is it too risky for a startup to use a unique, invented word for it’s business name or should it stick to real, meaningful words?

Using a unique invented name is a plus point for you to gain extra attention. But while creating unique names you have to keep in mind that it should not sound awkward or hard to pronounce. While brainstorming, you have to keep your ideas in a cool and simple range. Unless, rather than being a withstanding business name, it can be the biggest weak point in your business. So, uning invented unique names are a great option for your startup only if you can be creative enough. 

If you want to be more confident, you can refer to business name ideas provided by Wobiyo branding experts for almost every industry. Apart from that, using real, meaningful words is also a good option for your business. It is up to you to choose what you prefer to represent your startup. Exploring modern startup naming trends will help your decision.

What is an attractive business name for a fashion accessories store?

Starting a fashion accessories business is a good idea that has a great opportunity to keep your business updated with the upcoming trends. Day by day the fashion industry is growing with new trends. So, same as that your fashion accessory business name has to be a catchy business name and most importantly not limiting your growth and expandings ahead. Here are some of the areas and startup name ideas that you can start your business;

Global Online Fashion Sales
(2018 - 2021) $billion
2018 $ 534bn
2019 $ 600bn
2020 $ 680bn
2021 $ 662bn
2022 $ 825bn
2023 $ 873bn

Source : Statista, 2018

Should your business name contain a relevant word to your business?

Should your business name have to sound and feel relevant to your business?

Does a business name have to relate to what the business actually does?

If you are starting a non-professional startup with a low budget on advertising, using relevant words can be helpful. But if you are planning a professional business with long term goals, you have to focus on the tone of the business name and the impression it gives to the customers. While maintaining a good relevant impression, using a unique word is the best option for a startup. So, as a short answer;

What are the benefits of choosing a unique invented business name?

  • A good chance to deliver an excellent impression to customers.
  • Provides a strong identity to your business.
  • No limits for the growth, and supports any future expansion of your services or products.
  • Memorable for customers and easy to be promoted by word of mouth.
  • Unique business names can help you be appealing and withstand the competition.
  • It can help you bring more targeted customers.
  • Being unique and appealing can help you attract good business partnerships.
  • It can become a very effective marketing tool for your business.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a wrong business name?

  • Customers can find it awkward and hard to pronounce.
  • Customers can feel untrustworthy about your business.
  • Your growth and expansions can be limited by your business name.
  • You may need too much cost on branding and marketing.
  • You can go unnoticed within the competition.
  • Loss of sales.
  • Renaming your business can be a risk for the efforts you already put.
  • Legal issues and other marketing problems by accidentally imitating an existing name.

So, invest your time and choose the best business name for your startup that will not give you any reason to regret.

Can I use or imitate a business name or a part of it, if it is already taken?

Since the targeted customers are already gathered around the existing business, your startup will only make confusion and will deliver an untrustworthy feeling. Even if you try a recognizable part of it, customers can think you are a part of that business and finally will end up having a bad impression. 

If your business name looks exactly the same or using a part of it in the same industry they can also take legal actions if their business names are already trademarked. If they have not trademarked it will not be a legal problem but still all other issues will make your business a mess. While you have the chance to avoid all these problems by simply choosing a unique business name on your own, there is no need to imitate another.

But, in some cases if you have to use a part of an existing name for your business that is in a completely different industry, it will be fine. As an example, even the apple brand is world famous, you can still use the word apple for your organic apple business. If this is your scenario, you can use the word as a keyword in the business name generator to create your own unique business name.

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