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Software & IT-Based Startup Name Review Tool

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IT-related industries such as Software, Hardware, Data Scientists, Cloud computing, Graphic Design, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics, App Development(Mobile/Web), Networking and Cybersecurity etc.

How to Build a Successful Software Company

With the impact of the Industrial revolution, the IT industry has played a main role in the transformation of industries by promoting innovative ideas.

The Arrival of Emerging Trends in Information Technology like Cyber Security, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Progressive web Application, Programming services, Data Science, Cloud computing has led to a rapid development of Technology.Several software companies and IT firms were established and led a pathway to new startup companies as well.Similarly there is a huge arrival of startups in other industries such as Fashion and BeautyEntertainmentShoppingHealthcare, Home and Gardening Industry and many more industries.

Almost all popular software businesses have generated software company names that are simple and unique. Most of the startups generate their brand names using startup business name generators such as Names4brands, Squadhelp, Anadea, Namelix, NameMesh which does not occupy a review tool to review your name ideas for a startup.The best attribute available in Wobiyo is the review tool that stands unique.

Companies that changed names to save their Brand

brand name examples Software Company

“Google” is a hugely popular search engine and it also provides internet services and products such as cloud computing, online advertising technologies, software and hardware. Larry Page and Serge Brin initialized their search engine in 1996.Google has an amazing story, the company has blossomed into online advertising, cloud computing, software, and hardware solutions from the garage to the Googleplex. At first, Google was known as “BackRub” but by the time the cofounders have realized that the name “BackRub” is not suitable enough to fit as a brand name because the word “BackRub” is a combination of generic words that is unsuitable for a search engine. Therefore, they named it as googol, which meant 10 to the 100th power. That emphasizes 1 followed by 100 zeros, Simply, which means a place where multiple services are lent. Meanwhile, googol seemed unusual to be spelled easily so that  it was transformed as “Google” . That could be easily spelt and recognized. In addition to that,  the domain extension of google was “” but thereafter by figuring out the advantages of the .com domain extension they got the domain ownership as “”.

brand name examples Software Company

Yahoo stands as one of the most favored search engines, Yahoo is the fastest growing startup, which lends many services to discover the world via search engines. The founders of Yahoo were Stanford university. Firstly, they published it including their names as their domain name. It was named as “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” as an event to track their passion. The name seemed interesting but unrelated to the service lent by them. Therefore, they named it “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. The word oracle in it meant “source of truth & wish”. Although the new word seemed good and meaningful it was too long as the mid 90’s preferred words that can be typed easily in search Engines. Therefore the word was acronymed as YAHOO! That could be easily spelled and stick into everyone’s memory.

What made them stand best in the Software Industry?

Let’s bargain some facts of the uniquely featured software company name ideas that led them to attain a high standard among the universe.We have enlisted a set of most popular software company names for you to get more ideas and generate a perfect startup  name for your own Software and IT company.

Gaming is an IT based Industry and it is considered to be one of the most exciting industries.Most of the best brand names in the gaming industry are alike to the brand names in the IT industry.Let us look into some of the Best Brand names in Gaming Industry.

You must be looking for a brand name where you see an assured future in technology and software. We will give ideas about choosing the right name for your startup. A startup name should be short and simple with a character count ranging between 4-6. The name should be unique yet simple and exclude the usage of numbers and special characters in between which might lead the consumers to forget the brand name.And remember to generate name ideas that are pronounceable and memorable.

Here is the list of software company names to inspire your ideas
brand name examples Software Company

Oracle Corporation is the world’s largest database software supplier and the world’s second-largest business application supplier. They achieved their success in the software industry with a powerful brand name.The brand name “Oracle ” is short and simple that comprises the best-fit character count and a brand name that can be easily pronounced and memorized by the consumers. Most of the consumers are adopted to type a domain along with the domain extension as it is a familiar domain Extension.So, make sure to affix the domain extension while generating name ideas for your software company same as to attain the uniqueness for your software and IT company brand name.

brand name examples Software Company

“Cisco” is the worldwide leading networking equipment manufacturer and retailer. The brand name “Cisco” comprises a vocabulary score above 8 which is considered as the best score for a brand name to be pronounced and memorized easily. Having a simple and superb brand name has made“Cisco” a success.Meanwhile the brand name “Cisco” comprises a character count between 4-6 which is a perfect match for a brand name. While naming your software company make sure the vocabulary score of the brand name is above 8 so that it could stick into the minds of consumers at a glance.

brand name examples Software Company

“Dell,” formerly acknowledged as “PC’s Limited,” is an organization that designs, markets and supports computers and related products. Containing generic words for a brand name has a direct impact on the brand name and it’ll miss lots of opportunities.For instance while surfing the brand name via search engines there are higher possibilities for a search engine to generate similar names.Hence Once they figured out the threat they renamed the brand name “PC’s Limited” as “Dell”. The first impression of a brand name is considered as the best impression for the consumers and it remains as the identity for the service or product lent by the company. Therefore by comprising a brand name that is simple and memorable the brand name “Dell” has highly moved among people.

brand name examples Software Company

Adobe is popular among the users as a multimedia and a creative software product developing company.Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud are some of their popular products.The company name “Adobe” is closely attached and related to the Art and Design Industry.Therefore this kind of a brand name would perfectly suit for an Art and Design Industry as well. The brand name “Adobe” can be easily grasped by the Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google assistant which can direct and respond exactly to the page as it includes a simple brand name with a character count ranging between 4-6 which is considered as the best fit character count for a name to be easily graspable. Therefore while naming a software or IT Company Name make sure to name a brand which is short and simple with a character count ranging between 4-6.

brand name examples Software Company

“Intel” is the short-form of “Integrated Electronics”.And it had to purchase the naming rights, because it was already owned by the ‘”Intelco” hotel chain. It is the inventor of x86 series of microprocessors and the world’s second-largest and second-highest semiconductor chip manufacturer.“Intel” was able to retain their brand name in the software industry as they have realized the brand naming strategies. Shortness and simplicity of the brand name “Intel“  for a software industry has made the brand name stick into the minds of the consumers and retain a high place in the software company industry.The brand name ”Intel” has not included numbers or special characters in between their brand name which might lead the users to forget the name easily. Most popular software company names include a unique yet a short and simple brand name that excludes the usage of generic or partially generic terms in it.

Why a branded name?

Almost all software and IT startup companies had made the wrong choice while selecting a brand name.While naming a software company evaluate if the word is catchy, short and memorable.

Let us take a step back and refer to the worst brand names that exist in the software and IT company industry. Naming your software company is a huge step in creating a successful business for yourself.Therefore, you must be careful while selecting a brand name for your startups and make sure to avoid the worst brand naming strategies that are discussed below using the worst brand names that exist in the software and IT Company industry.

The Worst Tech Company Names of All Time

brand name examples Software Company

Here the domain “Neoteric-software” comprises a combination of two generic words. Almost all famous brands comprise a single word as a brand name because consumers tend to remember single words rather than lengthy brand names.And there are lower possibilities for the search engines to identify some combinations of words. A brand name should be simple and memorable. Here the brand name is too long as a brand name and not catchy at a glance. Meanwhile the domain here comprises a hyphen in between the two words.Inclusion of numbers and special characters are not recommended while generating name ideas for your software company as it might lead the consumer to partially forget the brand name or the special characters in it.When considering the domain “”, only the words “Neoteric” and “Software” can catch people’s attention. Users have to put an extra effort to remember the hyphen. So, users may type the domain as “neotericsoftware” instead of “neoteric-software”. Therefore exclude the usage of numbers and special characters.

brand name examples Software Company
Sunflower Software

The brand name “Sunflower Software” comprises generic terms. When considering the word “sunflower” it’s a dictionary word and the name “sunflowersoft” is a combination of three generic words; “sun + flower + soft”.When a brand name includes dictionary words,it is difficult for the search engines to direct the consumer to the exact page.There are higher possibilities for a search engine to generate pages with similar names.A company may lose lots of opportunities as a result of having generic words. At the same time the brand name  “sunflowersoft” is too long for a brand name and the consumers will not stick to the brand name at a here the brand name “Sunflower Software” is not considered as a professional name for a brand as it has made use of worst brand naming strategies.

brand name examples Software Company
Emergent Software

The word “Emergent” is a Dictionary word. If a user surfed for the word “Emergent” in a search engine, the first few results are always related to the word “Emergent”. Actually, a brand name can directly impact a company’s reputation. As an example “” has decreased their rankings by means of including a Dictionary word as well as the ownership of .net domain. Uniqueness is the most important thing for a brand name and the ownership of the .com domain is vital to be unique. Hence,while naming a software company make sure to avoid usage of Dictionary words and assure to affix the .com domain extension to obtain the legal ownership of your domain.

brand name examples Software Company
Hopper Technologies

First impressions are the best impressions. Hence, it implies the brand name as well.  When we look into the brand name “Hopper”, it’s not an impressive name for the software industry. Content generators might evacuate such names that are unrelated to the firm. The meaning of hopper is “a person or thing that hops”.Meanwhile,here the domain comprises the “” domain extension which is a second-level domain extension. There is no real value for a second-level domain and the consumers might find difficulties to type two domain extensions. Since this is a global business, it’s better to use the .com domain extension rather than using a second-level domain. With the usage of the .com domain extension a brand name could obtain the uniqueness.

brand name examples Software Company

When we hear the word “byte-it”, the first thing we sense is food. It brings out the idea of consuming something. The brand name “byte-it” is not a suitable name for a software company and it is not a consumer attention-grabbing idea for a software company.It is not a brand name that could drag a good impression at the first sight.Meanwhile Inclusion of hyphen in between leads users to put an additional effort to remember this domain name.Therefore the brand name “byte-it”  is considered as a irrelevant brand name for the software industry.

brand name examples Software Company
Hotwired IT Solutions

The meaning of hotwiring is bypassing the ignition system to start an engine of a vehicle with the intention of stealing. Here the brand name brings out a negative connotation, so users might sense a bad reputation about the company. Apart from that “hotwireditsolution” is too long as a brand name as it is a combination of three words. Normally, users search for a company by just remembering a single word or the domain but with a long name like this, it will be a difficult task for a consumer to stick into the brand name.

brand name examples Software Company

Including numbers or special characters is considered as a worst brand naming strategy.Inclusion of numbers tend the consumers to easily forget the brand name.Consumers will find difficulties in remembering the brand name. Users, search engines and voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortona and Google assistant will find the brand name as a complex form of word as it includes numbers. In addition to that, owning .io as the domain extension is ok in the software industry, but it is a disadvantage for the brand name in the aspect of uniqueness. To obtain the legal ownership, a brand name  should affix the .com domain. Meanwhile there is a similar domain name which acquires the .com domain  extension and users might get confused with these two domains as it comprises different domain extensions and they will tend to look for the .com domain extension as they are mostly familiar with domain extension.

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