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Skincare Business Name Ideas

The world’s 1st AI tool to analyze your Skincare startup name idea to select the perfect name for your startup.

brand name examples skincare business
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According to the professional market research, the skincare and beauty products category is the fastest growing consumer product category in the fashion industry. So starting a beauty products business is a profitable business idea. Everyone loves to take care of their skin and there are so many skincare products for men, women, teens, and even for children and infants. Beauty care category is popular in the online business as well.

As you can see this is a trending and competitive category. In order to be stable in the industry it’s better to select cool business name ideas which are creative enough to attract customers and should be full of brand name qualities. We tried to suggest to you a list of creative skincare shop names after analyzing more than 10000 names. Hope you will love our page.

Premium business names for skincare business

If your skincare business is a professional business, you should check the legal availability because legal availability is the most important factor for a professional business.

Following premium business names will be perfect for a professional skincare  business and if you like, you can purchase those brand names from a legally owned domain reseller and domain.

Blomio Elegance

brand name examples skincare business

Liplea Lotion

brand name examples skincare business

Firros Choice

brand name examples skincare business

Setriu Stunner

brand name examples skincare business

Crihom Creamy

brand name examples skincare business

Pramae Pretty

brand name examples skincare business

Gedfo Goddess

brand name examples skincare business

Frijot Glamour

brand name examples skincare business

Rezri Attraction

brand name examples skincare business

Triume Cosmetic

brand name examples skincare business

Yeczy Wonder

brand name examples skincare business

Adobli Amazing

brand name examples skincare business

Densso Bloom

brand name examples skincare business

Muliyo Miracle

brand name examples skincare business

Umlel Beauties

brand name examples skincare business

More creative skincare business names ideas

If your skincare business is not a professional business, following names will be perfect for you.

Zest TrueCharm
Helia FabMaster
Elixir Naturio
Velva Glamour
Allure Weave
Eleora Stylistic
Silvo Esthetician
Spire Endless
Azure Design
Liona Luxurious
Edda Beautiful
Aura Aesthetics
Infinite Esthetics
Alluria Belleza
Cellu Cosmetology
AlluraI Tending
Lyss Lovely
Etern Bella
Pelle Pretty
Envy Stunning
Levish Blossom
Epic Touch
Eve Appearance
Radient Design
Beauty Appliance

Men's skincare business names ideas

Recently, demand for the personal care products for men have increased mostly for creams, lotions, moisturizers, gels, and serums for skin and hair. Not only women but also men tend to care about skin and mens skincare and beauty products have a big demand in the fashion industry. So, this is a profitable business for you as a startup. But when naming your business, select good and catchy skincare business name ideas if you want to be a challenge to others. 

Here is a men’s beauty products name ideas list for you to be inspired.

Loir Cleanser
Aesop Tonic
Noira Shave
Evo Protection
Eterna Evercalm
Mist Serum
Zen Shaveworks
Andro Complexion
Vyras Concentrate
Gizon Grooming
Moski Skinlogics
Neno Nourished
Luma Luxury
Style Hunter
Poika Pattern

Women’s skincare business name ideas

Women and beauty products are inseparable like fish and water. To a woman, finding the right beauty products is like finding her soulmate. Women love beauty products indeedly and they care more about the quality of skincare products. So, this is really an interesting and money-making category, if you are planning to start a business. But this category is competitive like the women’s fashion businesses. The only thing you have to do is look for catchy and unique skincare business name ideas which possess brand name qualities

Here is the list of catchy women’s beauty and skincare business name ideas for your inspiration.

Here are some catchy kids business name ideas for your inspiration.

Cosmo Cosmetics
Renu Angels
Allure Beauty
Virtue Blossom
Merraki Makeup
Krem Queen
Maisie Natural
Cosmetic Corner
Vesi Designer
Ultra Beauty
Beauty Bonanza
Batom Lipstick
Minlliw Mascara
Dazzler Eyeliner
Olmeiro Eyebrows

Facial treatment business name ideas

Facial treatments are a family of skin care treatments. People get facials for various reasons such as removing blackheads, anti-aging regimen, and just to relax and be pampered. Everyone cares about facial skin the most because they have different skin types. There are facial treatment products for distinct skin types such as oily skins, dry skins, sensitive skins and normal skins. These products have a high demand in the industry. So, you have taken a great decision to start a facial treatment business. But consider brand name qualities when naming your business because name is like the backbone of your company. 

Here are some facial company names and suggestions that will help you find a cool business name. 

Bluzone Beauty
Maite Esthetics
Elsker Skincare
Liefde Cosmetology
Amor Youth
Liebe Makeup
Andliti Touched
Veido Facials
Obraza Sparkle
Wyneb Generous
Terme Charm
Reina Queens
Lippy Treatments
Maniac Elegance
Asperia Smiles

Organic product name ideas

Organics products are less harmful for every type of skin. These days there are lots of people who only use organic beauty products. So, if your target customers are natural cosmetic product users, try to select natural related business names. Try to give an idea about what your company sells. 

Here are some names for organic beauty products that we are suggesting.

Rainha Beauties
Celeb Spray
Mega Beautyspa
Lavish Natural
Artikel Glamour
Nurturing Esthetics
Tuote Venus
Vara Facelogic
Izdelek Inspired
Bonic Evergreen
Glamritz Spa
Lovely Organic
Lepa Esthetics
Bonita Care
Novea Face

Lotion names ideas

Bodylotion is the ointment that is best for the human’s skin and everyone uses it. So, it’s a good idea to enter the lotion business category. But you should be aware of the importance of a good business name because your business name can either make your company successful or destroy it. Your business name should possess brand name qualities. If you have a good business name you can become successful in the Industry. 

We have listed below some body lotion company names ideas for startups.

Brezz Makeup
Lyssa Advanced
Abner Glow
Clamonte New
Zedler Bliss
Tocorri Aesthetics
Olmeiro Destination
Gorzen Lotion
Enque Pure
Graffe Cleanskin
Healing Vibes
Laggom Touched
Elysian Gorgeous
Avante Luscious
Zizox Gemstones

Makeup and Beauty products name ideas

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be beautiful? No, right? These days everyone tends to use makeup and beauty products, even children. So there are many existing cosmetics products. This is a very famous and competitive category. You have to overcome this competition if you want to be successful in the industry. To do that you must select catchy and eye-catching makeup and beauty business names.

Here are some catchy cosmetic shop names list for your inspiration.

Cosmo Cosmetics
Renu Angels
Allure Beauty
Virtue Blossom
Merraki Makeup
Krem Queen
Maisie Natural
Cosmetic Corner
Vesi Designer
Ultra Beauty
Beauty Bonanza
Batom Lipstick
Minlliw Mascara
Dazzler Eyeliner
Olmeiro Eyebrows

Kids skin care products names ideas

Parents pick the best skincare products for their children. Normally newborn babies have soft and sensitive skin. Most skincare products for children are moisturizers. And when selling kids skincare products you must be careful because children have sensitive and soft skin unlike adults. This is also a competitive segment so you must be careful when naming your business. 

Here is the list of kids skincare business names ideas for your inspiration. 

Glitter Gloss
Oyester Trendy
Kuzlo Pretty
Cuddly Skin
Vivify Little
Kits Paradise
Maven Sparkle
Brillar Skin
Zare Enjoy
Illumina Skincare
Lueur PuraGlow
Brillo Charm
Kiddo Skincare
Svelme Sublime

Skin clinic names ideas

Skin clinic business is now a very profitable and growing segment in the beauty industry rather than the healthcare industry. So, It’s better to select beauty-related business names rather than health related business names. There are lots of skin clinics nowadays. People tend to go to skin clinics for many beauty needs. So, you have made a great decision. But at first you must be aware of the quality of the brand name. Because if you have a great brand name, you can attract customers and be successful in the industry. 

Here is the list of skin clinic business names that we try to suggest to you.

Lomofy SkinClin
Brilho Skinssence
Naturali Enhance
Purioc Skincare
MoreMax Skincare
Naravna Care
Versed Wellness
Matic Center
Dia Clinical
Leore Happiness
Medix ShineSkin
Auro Silverline
Outer Cosmetics
Artemis Medical
Zenista Skin

Skin care blog name ideas

After all, the beauty industry is a trending industry. So, people tend to write skincare blogs. There are plenty of blogs related to skincare category and if you are willing to write skincare blogs please select catchy blog names which are related to the beauty industry. 

Here is a list of catchy and attractive skincare blog names to inspire you.

Tansy Xcellent
Intense beauty
Splash touch
Tatcha Ultra
Ole Shadow
Riley Foundation
Lauder Perfumeries
Aman Cosmetically
Sisley Blush
Coco Compact
Julep Giftware
Utopia Vanishing
Oaks Cream
Viso Base
AmbiGlo Scarlets

Don’t use

Beauty industry is a profitable industry to start a startup business. But you have lots of competitors here. So you must select a great brand name if you want to be a shining star in the industry. Although you can select brand names through skincare brand name generators, you can’t guarantee the quality of the brand name, right? To select brand names to your business first be aware of brand name qualities and then select catchy business name ideas. Simpliness is more important when naming your skincare startup business because customers will be attracted to simple business names. They can’t remember complicated names. 

We have listed below some worst business names that you should never select when naming your business. 

Glamourous 24/7
Skin360 Beauty kits
Cloud 9 Spa Salon
Blush touch beauty
CelluSkin Skin Clinic
Refresh Injections & Skin Care
Rachel Goddard Aesthetics
Honey skin clear cosmetics
Skin appearance solution
Unique makeup cosmetics
Intense beauty touch
No. 7 Perfect touch solution
Life in Bloom Medical
Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa
Impeccable touch up solution
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