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Online Shopping Startup Name Review Tool

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Online shopping are extremely useful modern web based solution for retailers and customers. The most popular online marketplaces out there right now for Apparels, Footwear, Fashion Accessories, Beauty supplements, Electronics, Toys, Mobile phones, Home Decor, Kitchen Appliance, Lifestyle products and many more.

How to Choose a Catchy Business Name for Your Online Store

Online shopping industry is a trending process of purchasing items, where consumers could bargain things as per their convenience. As it’s a New decade with new generation’s Online Shopping turnovers as a widespread process of eCommerce startup names. You’ll find best brand name suggestions to help find more ideas with the Fashion & Beauty Industry.

As people run out of time, most of them rush to bargain for the best online shopping websites. eCommerce brand names are no longer misspelled words or hard to remember among online stores and eCommerce businesses.

Therefore, while naming your Online Shop Business site, it’s necessary to have a concern on the naming strategies. A good name for an online store that very well suits your industry, which online store brand names are unique, short and memorable.

Top Fashion E-commerce Websites That changed & shortened their brand names

brand name examples Online Shopping

AuctionWeb, founded in 1995 September by Pierre Omidiyar is an open marketplace to sell goods and services.  AuctionWeb appears to be a traditional name with the use of Dictionary words that seems to be less sticky. Therefore they renamed it as eBay in 1997 after identifying the naming strategies. eBay creating a bid-based online retail site changed the course of e-commerce history as a startup. eBay appears to be a short and simple business name that could be easily spelt and surfed by all in search engines also it is the best online shopping website.

brand name examples Online Shopping

It’s an American Multinational online retailer established in 1969 by Sam walton. Previously the Business site “Walmart” was known as “Wal-Mart”, Walmart is the world’s largest retailer as they began their journey as a startup. Brand name had an apparent gap between the two words Wal and Mart. As the eCommerce company tends to serve the clients seamlessly they renamed it as Walmart by evicting the hyphen in between the two words. Therefore, currently the brand name seemed to be user-friendly that could be easily spelt and typed.

Best Brand Names of Online Stores and eCommerce Startups to Inspire You

brand name examples Online Shopping

Etsy is a global market site launched in 2005 for Creative goods. It mainly focuses on selling items like Craft supplies, handmade and vintage items. Also this business name is related to the Art and design industry. “Etsy” is a simple online shopping website brand name with a best-fit character count. Users can easily memorize this kind of simple name with less character count. And visitors always prefer to search for sites that are frequently viewed. They only prefer typing the name followed by .com extension as they don’t remember the lengthy Url of the domains. Therefore .com is a favorite among online stores and eCommerce businesses.

brand name examples Online Shopping

Avon founded in 1886 is a multi-level marketing company which is top-rated for purchasing beauty products online shop business. So, this business name has associations with the Fashion Industry. “Avon” is a short and simple word that could be spelt easily. Short and sweet sounds good rather than long-winded words. This brand name makes use of the .com domain extension and it’s the best way to go. eCommerce startup names on .com to inspire you to pick a brandable and slick web address because visitors always tend to write the name of your domain followed by the .com extension

brand name examples Online Shopping

A wholesale and multinational corporation located in America with warehouse club operations in 8 countries. Holding a place in the shopping industry since 1976. ”Costco” is not a word found in the dictionary, therefore, it stands unique. And while surfing the domain name itself stands ideal as there are no outcomes to route traffic. Simply, no generic words are included. .com the perfect domain extension for building eCommerce websites and online stores.

brand name examples Online Shopping

Kroger is an American retail company that has been in the online shopping industry since 1883. It is considered as the second-largest general retailer.They have gained this kind of success because of understanding the brand name qualities well.The Name “Kroger” can be spelt easily as the word count of it is between 4-6. Visitors to the domain can easily grasp the name and locate it in their memory location not only that but it also can be pronounced easily and recognized easily by voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. It is the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing and more also this business name is associated with the Finance Industry.

brand name examples Online Shopping

Romwe was a startup in 2010 and It is a global online shopping mart existing in the Fashion Industry. Romwe ensures high-quality services to customers at an incredible price. This online shop business name stands as a unique ideal name. While naming a brand, the name should stick to the customers at a glance. It should appear to be catchy. The name “Romwe ” can be considered as the best online shopping websites brand name with all such qualities. Character count of the word is 5 which is considered as a perfect word count.

brand name examples Online Shopping

It’s an American footwear and apparel and online shopping business which is related to the Fashion Industry. It also produces and distributes sportswear, fitness clothing and apparel via online. The word doesn’t visualize a meaning with a negative connotation and currently, we couldn’t capture words similar to it in any other languages which sound odd. Therefore, it seems a catchy and unique business name for an online store to be the best selection that rates high in rank compared to similar brands.

Names ideas for a shopping website, e-commerce brand and retail company

While naming a Brand or Startup we have to fulfil the requirements to meet up to the naming strategies to achieve best Online Shopping Sites of branding.

Therefore we should emphasize and get rid of the facts that make a catchy online shop brand name rank less. If you can’t assume or get an online shopping company name’s idea on how to minimize such factors ,refer to the factors that we have listed below that lead a store name brand name ideas list to rank low.

Facts related to Worst Brand names in Online Shopping Stores

brand name examples Online Shopping
Eames NW

The brand name “Eames nw” comprises two words. Visitors to the domain always tend to remember a word rather than looking for a long-phrase named after every single word. Hence this might lead them to link for a wrong shopping site as they type a single word from the domain. Also, having a single name as a brand name is a huge advantage for online shop business companies. Therefore always focus on a single word to be the brand name for a startup. Further, take a look at the naming strategies.

brand name examples Online Shopping
Tracks N Teeth

It’s an online shopping store sourcing aftermarket construction parts for heavy industry since 2014. The name of the shopping site suggests it to be a company related to orthodontics or something relevant to dental as the word comprises the term “teeth”. While the visitors come across the domain for the first time they might get confused whether its a site related to what they are looking for or an irrelevant online shopping site that appeared while searching. Hence, while naming a business, assure to avoid words that sound odd to your field.

brand name examples Online Shopping
Lighting Style

It’s an online shopping site that sells premium designer lights. Lighting style, which comes up with the, has made use of .co extension which is specifically relating to a company or a corporation along with a country code. Therefore it seems to rank low as it comprises two domain extensions that seem complex for a visitor to type during the next visit for the site.It has made use of a hyphen to separate the word and hyphens are easily forgettable to the users. Furthermore, there is a similar business with the domain of Customers can be confused with these two online shopping sites. This is a great disadvantage for a company. The online shop business name should be unique for shine as a star in the industry.

brand name examples Online Shopping

Jigsaw is an online shopping site for women’s clothing stores. The Domain name of the shopping site is separated with a hyphen. Usually visitors tend to remember only the words and then, look for the site along with the .com extension.There are Higher possibilities for them to drop the hyphen while looking for the domain consequently, this might link them to some other irrelevant or similar online shopping website. So, please avoid special characters when naming your business because brand name is the most important thing for a business and identifying brand name strategies is more important.

brand name examples Online Shopping
Protective Enclosures

Protective enclosures is an online shopping mart which manufactures and sells TV Shield & enclosures. When we glance at the name of the domain,we could clearly evaluate it as a mess with all the words gathered. The business name idea comprises two generic words which seems too long and messy as both the words are gathered together. The initial customer for the online store site has lower possibilities of revisiting the site again unless they visit it with an organic link or via search engines.

brand name examples Online Shopping
Anchor & Crew

Anchor and crew is a webstore and a retailer for unisex jewellery ,Accesories and Life style goods. The online shopping industry name of the store seems irrelevant to the industry they are working with. It makes sense to the users as if it’s a freight transport or maritime shopping industry. Even the business name is not graspable at once. Therefore, the second visit for the site by visitors might seem lower. And the probability is high for a visitor to misspell the domain as it is a lengthy word. Also including dictionary words is a disadvantage for a company because there should be a unique business name to be wealthy in the industry.

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