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Food and Beverage Industry Startup name Review tool

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Food Industry includes criteria like Caterings, Beverages, Restaurants, Food Processing and Packaging.

Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind…

All Mankind consumes food as a daily task that can be easily defined as a programmed behaviour for consumption therefore food brand, beverage brand, food business, food distributor or any other kind of Food and Beverage business names ideas need to generate according to brand name qualities.

In spite of that, there is a huge rise in the Cuisine and Fast Food Processing Industry and need catchy names for the food business. People tend to obtain take away foods from such fast food restaurant’s via online as they run out of time. So they rush to look at name ideas for a food and beverage business that can be easily typed and found in search engines. Therefore while naming a start-up in the food and drink industry we always recommend you to follow the naming strategies. Also there are some related industries such as Transportation IndustryEducation Industry, Travel IndustryAgriculture Industry.

Food companies that changed their names to a signal new identity

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink that was originally known as Brad’s Drink. As the founder of it was Caleb Bradham, he named it to be as his drink “Brad’s Drink” in 1893.

By 1898, Bradham renamed the brand as Pepsi – Cola. As the previous name consisted of the generic term Drink. And as the greek word for pepsi means “digestion”.

Then by 1961, the brand name for the carbonated soft drink was renamed again as “Pepsi”,by omitting the hyphen and the word “cola” from it. So that it could be easily spelt rather than messing up with hyphens and two termed words. Therefore now the brand name stands for a unique single termed word. That can be easily stuck to the memory.

When comparing these three names Brad’s Drink, Pepsi-cola and Pepsi , “Pepsi” is the best name according to the brand name qualities. At last, they have understood the brand name qualities very well and become successful in the industry.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Twix is a chocolate bar introduced in 1967 by Mars Incorporated. These Chocolate bars were originally known as “ Raider” and were first found in the United Kingdom. Raider is a Dictionary word that means an attacker/ Robber. Therefore it was renamed as Twix in 1991. The word “Twix” comprises a character count between 4-6 which is considered as the best character count. Also it can be easily pronounced as it is short and simple. As chocolates remain sweet the brand name Twix is also short and sweet.

Facts that may guide you to your food and beverage name ideas by having a quick review of the facts that compares and contrasts on the Best Names that stood high in the current Food and Beverage Industry
brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Danone is a world-leading food processing industry. It’s a multinational food product corporation located in Spain. It was first begun in Barcelona Spain for producing Yoghurt. So, this business name has associations with the Agriculture Industry.  ”Danone” is a simple name with a vocabulary score rate of 8.95. The best way to name a brand name is in the simplest form. A brand name should consist of a character count less than8 to be a super brand name. Here the word “Danone”’ is in the simplest form that could be spelt and pronounced easily.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Tyson is a second largest food processing company for High Quality Fresh & Frozen Chicken. It was a startup in 1935. It delivers customers with Quality Products. When we look at the word at a glance, the word “Tyson” seems more catchy. As it consists of a quirky name to suit the Food Business. When you come up with Food Business Name ideas always tend to feel that the name sets a place for you in the Food Industry. Tyson seems to stand as a quirky name as it is not found in Dictionary. While naming a brand don’t rush to name your startup with generic names to route traffic, Despite looking for words that best fit your Foodservice industry.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

“Oreo” is one of the largest companies based in the United States for production of tasty sandwich cookies, especially for Foodies. The founder of it is Nabisco and it was based in the Food industry since 1912.

What makes a great brand name???

Here the word ”Oreo” consists of a short word count. And the word doesn’t bring up negative ideas and means different in other regions of the world. Therefore they have succeeded in the industry by understanding the brand name strategies in the beginning. They have identified the brand name qualities very well to shine in the Industry.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Saputo is a Dairy Product Company based in Canada. In the mid 1980s, Saputo stood as the largest producer for Mozarella. It produces, markets and distributes Dairy Products in the food business industry. Saputo seems to be an ideal name that was not found in the Dictionary. While naming a brand always look for Stylish elegant names that best fit your food business. Here the word “Saputo” could be spelt easily according to Pronunciation and Memorization methodology. Therefore the vocabulary score rate of the word ”Saputo” is high.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Yili is a Chinese based market for processing and manufacturing dairy products. It’s considered as the 3rd best performing food brand. Yili is a great brand name in the food industry because they have identified the naming strategies. Naming your business with a perfect name that well suits your foodservice industry is an essential factor.

Yili consists of a short word count which is best suited for the Food Industry. That can be easily pronounced and spelt. In spite of that, it stands as a unique ideal name which cannot be found as a word in generic terms that also comprises a short domain with the .com extension. We highly recommend you to look into similar names that comprise the attributes in naming strategies.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

Bunge is an American based food company that is mainly aimed at Agribusinesses. So, this name is related to the Agriculture Industry as well. It involves the production of grains and oilseeds.

The word “Bunge” gives customers an idea as to its a company related to the food business. Memorization power of this word seems high. Also, Voice Assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistants could easily capture, recognize and respond. So, while naming a brand name for the Foodservice industry look into words that can stick in easily.

Let’s look at some of the Sustainable Brand names, rating low and identified as the worst brand names in the Food and Beverage Industry

While searching ideas for a Food and Beverage Business, you have to come up with a Brand Name that matches best to the Food and Beverage Industry.

A Name shines and lasts forever when it perfectly suits your industry. Therefore while naming a Food company have a keen observation on the worst facts that might lead your page to rate low or slope down. Always come up with the mind blowing characteristics that would feature your name to rank high so try to minimize and avoid the facts that are discussed below.

Brief notes on names that are considered worst while naming a Food Startup in accordance with naming strategies

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry
Rising Sun Farms

Almost all the world famous brand names have single words as their brand names. But when considering this business name “Rising Sun Farms”, it’s a combination of three generic words; rising+sun+farms.Containing generic words in your brand name leads to a slope down towards success in the industry. It may be a reason to drop down the rankings. “Rising suns farms” is too long as a brand name and it will not easily stick into people’s minds because there are more than one word. A company must understand the brand name strategies in order to succeed in any industry.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

The first impression is the most important factor for the brand name of a company. There should be an attractive brand name for a company to become successful in the industry so it will stick in users’ mind at first sight. When considering the grassburger, it’s not an impressive name for the food industry. Consumers might tend to feel whether its a burger with something related to grass or grasshoppers. And also there is a common word in this brand name. Holding common words in the brand name may reduce the popularity because it’s difficult to get traffic.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry
4th street Food Co-op

Here the domain is owning the .org extension, but we recommend you to make use of extension to highly stand recognized in the global industry. Because the .org extension is not as familiar to the .com extension. It’s a disadvantage for the domain to stand unique and to obtain ownership for the domain in the Food industry. Inclusion of numbers and characters is not a good idea while naming a brand because customers have high possibilities of forgetting numbers and characters in a brand name. And for a name to be delicious in the food industry exclude the usage of numbers and characters.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry

The food brand name “Du-par’s” comprises of a hyphen and apostrophe. According to our naming strategies we stated to omit characters in your brand name.Because Brand names consisting of characters are easily messed by consumers.Therefore try to avoid characters in your business name. Inclusion of  hyphens and characters in a brand name make users put an extra effort to stick to the domain name. And specifically considering the Food and Beverage industry we highly recommend you to avoid making use of special characters. Also the domain extension here is .net. Always tend to understand that you cannot own the domain unless you occupy the .com extension for your domain.

brand name examples Food and Beverage Industry
4 Fingers

“4Fingers Crispy Chicken” comprises three generic terms Fingers + Crispy + Chicken. While naming a brand name we recommend you not go with generic terms as your main aim and intent is not to route traffic for your domains. Moreover, look for a Tastiest Food business name ideas as it is related to a Delicious Industry. And here the name includes a number in it. Consumers always tend to forget numbers and characters.Therefore we highly recommend you to avoid making use of characters and numbers as your brand name for Food-service industry.

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