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Fashion and Beauty Industry Startup Name Reviewer

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Fashion and Beauty related Industries such as Casual, Athletic and Formal. Fashion designers specialize in Accessories or items that go with Clothing, including Scarves, Jewellery, Handbags, Belts etc.

Name Ideas for a Clothing or Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a trending firm among all the current working industries. Most of the Fashion and clothing industry is based on Online shopping.

How do I choose a fashion brand name?

Most of the Fashion blogs are named in identical criteria. Hence, while looking for brand name ideas for fashion a keen observation should be made.While you come up with ideas for Clothing & Fashion business names make sure it is short and simple with no dictionary words included to hold a unique standard in the Industry. You could also refer EducationTransportation and LogisticsEmployment and RecruitmentNews & MediaSoftware & IT-BasedArt and Design Industry to generate perfect startup name ideas.

Some interesting flashbacks of major companies that changed & shortened their brand name

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

Nike is an American multinational company and well-reputed company in the world that is considered as the largest manufacturing company for Accessories and also the largest supplier for Apparels and Sports equipment. A logo with a brand name transformed Nike from a startup to a brand giant. It was previously known as “Blue Ribbon Sports”. But the brand name seemed lengthy and had the lower capability to strike on to memories, therefore, it was renamed as “Nike” that is short, simple, unique and easily pronounceable by all.Nike Apparels and Accessories could also be purchased through Online Shopping.

“Nike” brand name has highly moved among people because of its simplicity and the ability to stick into the memories at a glance. And the name stands professional as for a fashion brand name.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

Zara is an apparel retailer based in Arteixo founded by Amancio Ortega. It was named “Zorba” previously with the influence of a classic film named “Zorba of Greek” and then later it was changed as “ Zara”. The secret of Zara’s brand name Success is a culture of customer co-creation.The Brand Name “Zara“ is a word that could be easily spelt and memorized by all.

The Vocabulary score rate of the brand name is also high. Voice Assistants could easily capture the fashion brand name as it is short and simple with a character count between 4-6.

Best & Worst brand name examples in Fashion and Beauty Industry

What is the best name for a fashion store?

Look at some best-featuring fashion blogs and get naming ideas for your inspiration.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Rolex” is recognised as the world’s most luxurious brand. The Rolex industry produces around 2000 watches per day. At the beginning the company name of Rolex was “Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd” but co-founders registered “Rolex” as the brand name. After some years even the company name was changed into “Rolex”. One main reason behind their success is their fashion brand name, as it is simple and easily memorable with a best-fit character count. And the most important thing is that they have obtained the uniqueness by owning the .com domain extension.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Fendi” is a luxury fashion house in Italy and best known for fur accessories and leather goods. It produces fur, eyewear, leather goods, ready-to-wear shoes, fragrances, timepieces and accessories. Their fashion brand name Fendi is short & simple so that the users could easily capture it at first sight. And as it could be easily pronounced and easily recognised by voice assistants the name as the power to virally spread among all. The creativity in the fashion industry relies on the Art and Design Industry.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Armani” is a luxury fashion house which is designing, fabricating, manufacturing and retailing, ready-wears, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, footwear, eyewear, cosmetics and interior decorations, located in Italy. Simpleness is important for a fashion brand name because users can memorize easily when it is simple and stands unique.Meanwhile the fashion brand name “Armani” does not bring out negative connotations from other languages. Armani is also considered as an Online Shopping Industry where consumers could purchase fashion brands online.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Chanel” is a luxury company that is very famous for perfume.Well recognized products of “Chanel” are ready-made clothes, luxury products and accessories. With a high vocabulary score rate of 8.53, “Chanel” has gained this success. One main reason for it to be popular in the world is the brand name that is catchy that it could drag the attention of people. And ownership of the .com domain is also a plus point of “Chanel’’s success in the fashion and beauty business

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Prada” is famous for leather handbags, travel accessories, perfumes, ready-made clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories. It’s a world-famous luxury fashion house in Italy. Uniqueness is  very important for a fashion brand name as it is the trademark for your Fashion & Clothing business.“Prada” has reached this success in the Fashion Industry because their fashion brand name is short and simple excluding special characters and numbers.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

“Gucci” is a world-recognized luxury fashion brand and it is famous for leather goods. “Gucci” handbags are a popular product in the world. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant have the capability to grasp the fashion brand name  and direct the consumer to the exact page.Meanwhile consumers could stick to the brand name easily. “Gucci” obtains the legal ownership of this fashion brand name as it acquires the .com domain extension.

What Lacks in a professional branding for your Fashion Business?

While naming a fashion brand name or startup we have to fulfil the requirements to meet up to the naming strategies. Most of the Bestselling brands lost their popularity compared to the other competing brands due to the selection of an inappropriate Brand name or startup names as their Trademark Meanwhile, some inappropriate brands gained popularity because they stood in the industry far more days back.

Let’s look at some of the Sustainable fashion brands with Brand names rating low and identified as the worst brand names in the industry.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty
Blank Boutique

The fashion brand name “Blank Boutique” comprises dictionary words in it which has the high capability to route traffic. And also has higher possibilities for a search engine to generate pages with the similar name. And it is lengthy for a fashion brand name. Therefore while generating brand name ideas for a fashion business make sure to avoid using generic words.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty
38th Clothing Co.

“38th Clothing Co” comprises numbers and generic terms in it which may lead to confusion among users while surfing through search engines. And as it comprises numbers and special characters the consumers find difficulties to pronounce and memorize the fashion brand name. Even though it exists in the current market for a long period the publicity of the brand rate is low compared to Newly arrived brands. Hence, make sure to avoid usage of numbers and special; characters while generating name ideas for your fashion and clothing business.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty
The hill-side

Fashion Brand “The hill-side ”is named along with 3 terms separated with the hyphen. Therefore the consumers cannot grasp the fashion brand name and they also find difficulties in typing the name in search engines since it comprises a hyphen in between. Hence, this Brand name has higher possibilities in ranking low as the fashion brand name does not meet up to the level of naming strategies.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty

The fashion brand name “Sun50 ”comprises a number and a generic term in it. Therefore while surfing the name via search engines it might lead to route high traffic and direct the consumers to other related pages. And this might have led the brand name to remain low in ranking in search engines as it comprises a generic term. Meanwhile the domain acquires the .co domain extension which is the country code top level domain of Columbia. Acquiring country code domain extensions might lead the users to forget as they are familiar to .com domain extension. Therefore make sure to affix the .com domain extension to hold a unique position in the industry.

brand name examples Fashion and Beauty
Attitude Organic

The brand name “Attitude organic” comprises two generic terms in it and it is too lengthy for a fashion brand name. Although the business is categorized in varieties the demand for it among the industry stands lower. That’s because of its fashion brand name in the industry results as a combination of two words that is available in the dictionary which might lead the users to forget the brand name as it is too lengthy. Hence, it would have been the affecting  factor to lose its popularity in the fashion industry. Therefore make sure to avoid the usage of generic or partially generic terms while generating name ideas for your fashion brand.

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