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Entertainment Industry Startup Name Review Tool

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The aspect of Entertainment includes Music, Cinema, Comedy, Theater, Celebrity news, Television shows and series.

How to find an Effective name for your Entertainment Industry?

While Generating name ideas for your business related to the entertainment industry, find the best names that are Memorable , Rhythmic and Easy. Entertainment is considered as a Leisure time activity that people get involved with to amuse themselves.

Therefore they rush and surf the web to find entertaining modules. While choosing a name for the business related to the entertainment industry, Most of the entertainment name ideas are composed of a very short word count. Through the brand names of popular businesses from the entertainment industry users seek into sites that are enjoyable and entertaining.

Therefore we always want you to come up with entertainment business name ideas that hold as premium business names in  the art of Entertainment. Always assure whether your entertainment startup name is a perfect match for the business name in the entertainment industry. It leads to a great way to make ahead and the shine time of your entertainment business name ideas will last forever.

This Industry has relations with the Games and Recreation IndustrySoftware IndustryNews and Media Industry and Art and Design Industry.

Incredible Examples of Successful Rebranding Brand Names in Entertainment Industry

brand name examples Entertainment Company

A user might have a huge bundle of idealists while naming an entertainment business name idea. But always make the right choice while identifying and selecting the name that suits well.The brand name should be cool and suitable for your industry. Netflix is a Production and Media Service Provider Company found in 1997. The founders of the company are Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The Fascinating History of Netflix as a startup and Its considered as the home for Entertainment.
Previously Netflix was named as Qwiksiter. The name Qwikster transformed quickly as  Netflix. As it sounded awkward. When we evaluate the previous brand name we are quite confident that the name sounds difficult to pronounce. Voice Assistants like Cortana, Siri, Alexa cannot grasp and respond easily to the previous Domain. The brand name idea of Netflix sounds great with a high vocabulary score rate.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Pandora is an automated Music Streaming Site in America found in 2000, Formerly known as Savage Beast Technologies. There are higher possibilities for an entertainment brand name to rate top. But it simply relies on your name suggestion and whether it came up with your Entertainment module or industry. Therefore the shine time seems endless. The word here seemed too long and sounded animalistic, therefore they simply named it Pandora. Which seemed simple and short. That could be easily typed and surfed through search engines. While entering the entertainment industry naming phase, always remember to shorten your startup name, limiting the word count between 4-6 which is considered as the best word count for naming a entertainment brand in accordance with naming strategies.

Let’s dive into some juicy stuff that led a name to stand as the best name in the Entertainment Industry.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Pogo is a free online gaming site launched in 1998 related to the entertainment business. It’s owned by Electronic Arts. No need for branding experts to seek entertainment business name ideas for your startup, while you are gifted with an Expertise Brain to think innovatively. Pogo is a site specialist in e gaming for kids. The Word “Pogo” seems a good business name very easy to be pronounced and memorized as it comprises a short character count. Simply, when a word seems short and simple it easily gets stuck to the memory. Likewise, we could easily pronounce the word and store it in the working memory according to the phonological loop system.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

It’s a leading entertainment service founded in 2014, which gives unlimited access to thousands of Movies and Shows. The entertainment business name idea looks up as a perfect business name. That amuses the people as a trustworthy site with the availability of trustworthy domain and domain extension. The business name idea iflix seems to be an ideal name that is unique. Therefore it’s easy to get route while surfing the web. Making use of common words might lead to route traffic while looking up the domain in search engines. Therefore avoid making use of common words while entering the naming entertainment name ideas.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Hulu lends a video-on-demand service to the customers. Which streams popular shows for all age categories. Despite of looking for words with keywords for your entertainment business name ideas, Don’t forget to look for words that are funky in your Entertainment Industry. The brand name Hulu can be spelt easily as it comprises a short and simple word. When a word seems short the probability rate of the name to seek popularity is high, as it sticks in the memory of a user when once visited. Holding a short name with a word count between 4-6 is the best choice.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Viki is a free platform to watch Tv shows and movies online. It’s a video streaming website in America that was founded in 2007. As your entertainment business name is the spotlight for your recognition. Rather than looking for experts to generate great brand name ideas you have the capability to look for brand names by contrasting the naming strategies. Have a look at the business name here. There are high possibilities for a user to grasp the word at a glance. Because the brand name seems short and sticky. Voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Alexa could doubtlessly respond to the word as the word could be spelt and pronounced easily by all.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Roku stands as the first launched streaming platform in the US. While looking for Best Names in the Entertainment Industry we came up with a best brand name idea that best suits and sounds funky in entertaining blogs. Here the word Roku comprises a word count of 4, as well as the best word count, is between 4- 6. Therefore Roku seems like an entertainment business name idea with the best word count. Likewise, Roku makes up perfect business names for their domain with the .com extension. Availability of extension is considered as the best choice as visitors always tend to type the domain along with extension.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Huya is a live streaming platform available for online gaming. So, this entertainment name has associations with the software industry. Design company catchy entertainment company names ideas that come up with & relate more deeply in your field, gives more attention and attraction to your business. When you glance at the name Huya. The name seems to be ideal as it does not comprise numbers in it. Always try to build entertainment business name ideas excluding numbers and characters that might lead visitors to mess the spellings of the domain name while searching through engines. Likewise, Huya comprises a word count of 4 characters. That resembles short and simple.

Let’s look at some of the Sustainable Brand names, rating low and identified as the worst brand names in the industry

While naming a Brand or Startup we have to fulfill the requirements to meet up to the naming strategies as we mentioned in our pages earlier.

Most of the Entertaining brand names lose their popularity compared to the other competing brands is due to the selection of an inappropriate Brand name or startup names as their Trademark. Meanwhile, some inappropriate brands gained popularity because they stood in the industry far more days back.

Don’t even think of naming a brand name until you read this. Brief notes on names that are considered worst while naming a startup in accordance with naming strategies.

brand name examples Entertainment Company
RE-AK Technologies

Re-ak is an entertainment industry with the use of AI and Biometrics. Are you planning to start your own startup? Refer important facts and guidelines that implies under naming strategies to come up with a best entertainment business name idea for your startup(brand name). Here the Domain comprises words that are separated using hyphens. While a visitor omits the usage of hyphen in the name it might redirect the page to another site because, normally special characters like hyphens are forgetful. Therefore it has higher possibilities of ranking low as the users find it difficult to surf the site by typing the domain name including special characters.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

It’s a legal online Music service provider launched far more days back. Assure to get started with a perfect name while contesting in the entertainment business naming phase. As we mentioned the brand name can be funky but assure whether your name sounds safe to the customers. This entertainment business name comprises numbers, moreover sounds negative. Therefore the name doesn’t meet up our naming strategy requirements. While searching entertainment business name ideas please omit using numbers. As it makes your brand name resemble more complex and difficult to get stuck. Moreover, the name Ideas for entertainment sounds pessimistic. Visitors might think twice ahead before they visit the page as they might be doubtful of spam. Therefore avoid making use of words that have negative connotations.

brand name examples Entertainment Company
True Edge

True Edge Entertainment site that streams and features since early 2008 that was founded by Gregory Hoffman. Here the entertainment business name True Edge Entertainment is a name with a character count above 6 and word count more than one. It seems lengthy for an entertainment business name. The greater the number of words, the memorization power of the brand name decreases. Visitors find it difficult to type the whole brand name in search bars. Likewise, the probability rate of the name to stick to users mind is low as it is a lengthy word. Also this brand name comprises three generic words. A company may lose a number of opportunities as a result of having generic words in their brand name. It’s difficult to route traffic if a generic word is included in the brand name.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Vrtify is a music platform for Music Artists, Venues and Content Creators. Vrtify is a messed term that cannot be easily spelt or pronounced. Vocabulary score of the word seems too low. The reason behind it, to score low is due to the pronunciation value and the memorization potentiality. Therefore while seeking entertainment business name ideas we recommend you to look for words that are easily pronounceable and memorable.

brand name examples Entertainment Company
Ticket Test Group

TicketTest Group is a live entertainment site that specializes in comedy. This entertainment business name should always consist of words that can be easily typed. The domain name of this site comprises characters that seem complex at a glance. It makes use of special characters to separate the word. Furthermore, the extension for their domain is and .uk extension which is specifically personalized for companies/corporations and countries. We recommend you to make use of extension so that your site seems universally recognized.

brand name examples Entertainment Company

Fireshoe is a media production company mainly based on producing movies and film. Although the company provides service relevant to the Entertainment industry, always focus on the entertainment name ideas, whether it’s suitable and simple for an entertainment blog. Fireshoe implies a negative meaning to the company. It sounds like a company producing fireworks or explosive products. Moreover, the name comprises dictionary words Fire and Shoe. Therefore while surfing the domain name without the .com extension might tend the search engine to exhibit websites relevant to the domain name, not your particular site. It’s difficult to route the traffic when containing dictionary words in your brand name.

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