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Employment & Recruitment Industry Startup Name Review Tool

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The employment and recruitment business name reflects professional excellence and industry related to Job placement organization, Employment, Human Resources and Recruiting.

Recruitment Agency Business Name Ideas

The Staffing and Recruitment industry includes companies which help organizations to recruit internal staff or temporary staff.
The agency interviews the job seekers and places them in appropriate positions. The recruitment agency does the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing. Employment and recruitment agency is a trending industry in the present world. If you intend to begin a Recruitment Industry startup and still struggling with “How to name my company”, refer below to get good guidance to succeed in your goal.

Catchy Name Ideas for a Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Naming your startup with a catchy and simple name will assist the startup in lasting long and shining in the industry. Cool brand names should be clear, excluding numbers and special characters. Having a vocabulary score above 8 with a word count between 4-6 will definitely have the possibility to remain longer in the industry. The contents below will help you further in developing your startup. Also, refer more about the good and worst brand names in the other related industries such as Media IndustryFinance IndustryOrganization IndustryEducation Industry and Construction Industry.

Naming your company can be a daunting challenge. With proper methods, keywords and resources, a shortlist will support you, but there’s no end to the search. Even though that there are many brand name generators are available for you like Anadea,Oberlo, Shopify, Name Mesh, Brand Root, Cool Name Ideas, Namelix, Novanym, Squadhelp, Namepard and Getsocio the quality of brand names offered by them is not guaranteed, but by using a startup name review tool you can check the quality of the brand name of your choice to make sure whether it is the best company names for you or not.

Catchy and Best Staffing Company names existing in the Industry

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Adecco is the world’s second-largest leading provider of temporary staffing and human resources. It offers a huge range of services which include permanent placement, career transition, re-skilling and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. The brand name” Adecco” comprises an exact character count between 4-6 which is considered as the best character count while naming your recruitment agency business. At the same time, “Adecco” is not a brand name that is imitated from any other renown brands in the industry. Imitating a renowned brand in the industry is not moral and a brand name which is imitated would bring the customers a negative impression on your source or services provided. Imitated brand names may look like funny brand names. Therefore avoid imitating other brands in the industry.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Vaco is a Business Management Consulting firm that provides services in the areas of permanent placement, executive search, and strategic staffing. And it also connects people to their dream jobs and helps leading companies find talent to grow their business. They have succeeded in the Industry because of selecting a great brand name full of naming qualities. The brand name “Vaco” consists of a vocabulary score above 8 which is considered as a good score for a brand name to be easily pronounceable and memorable. The simplicity of business names are identified with a high vocabulary score. A brand name with a high vocabulary score is catchy and memorable at a glance by the customers. Meanwhile when the brand name could be easily pronounceable, voice assistants could also capture the brand name and direct the customers to the exact site.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Relode” is a healthcare recruitment platform that improves hiring in healthcare by saving organizations and candidates time and money. And this name is associated with the Healthcare Industry. The staffing company name “ Relode ” is short and simple and including the exact character count. Customers can easily remember a brand name that is short and simple and does not include numbers or special characters. Meanwhile the brand name “ Relode ” comes along with the domain extension which is considered as the undeniable familiarity domain extension among users. And as users are familiarized to type a domain name along with the .com domain extension rather than other top-level domain extensions.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Reflik is a provider that enables new and technologically advanced methods to hire top employees without any administrative burden. Simply we can define “Reflik” as a crowdsourcing platform that finds top candidates in half the time through an extensive community of independent recruiters and staffing agencies. The brand name “Reflik” is a cool brand name which excludes the usage of numbers and special characters in between the brand name that might make your brand name seem more complex and not sticky at a glance for the customers. The service you lend is remembered and identified by your brand name, therefore make sure to generate Employment & Recruitment business names ideas that would stick to the minds of the customers at a glance and assure to affix the domain extension along with the domain name to acquire the legal ownership of the domain.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Antal is a global talent solutions specialist that was formed in 1993. It has rapidly grown across the globe that penetrates and occupies a major presence in all key talent markets, which includes strategically important facts on developing markets and enabling it to become a leading global recruitment specialist in each of their specialized sectors. It is an International  Global Executive Recruitment Organization with a wide range of Offices in more than 30 countries all around the world. The brand name “Antal” is short and simple with a character count ranging between 4-6 and it also does not comprise negative connotations from other languages. Make sure to clarify the meaning of your brand name universally and whether it brings out negative implications from any other languages as you are planning to launch your business that is recognized worldwide. Make sure to possess brand name qualities when you are generating labor supply company names.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Aquent is a leading staffing company specializing in placing temporary employees in the marketing and creative industries. It is a talent services company that provides marketing and creative talent, managed services, extended workforce benefits and project management. The brand name “Aquent” has no numbers or special characters in it. While generating Recruitment Agency business name ideas make sure to avoid the inclusion of numbers or special characters like “Aquent” so that your brand name will stick in users’ mind at a glance. Meanwhile, the brand name ‘Aquent“ is short and simple which is easily pronounceable and memorable. Voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant could grasp the once the user pronounce the brand name and direct to the exact site.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Akuaro is a networking agency which was established in the industry in 2014, and their sole aim is to make a difference in the recruitment sector. Akuaro is more specialized and personalized that specifically approaches IT and Digital professionals. The brand name “Akuaro” comes along with the domain extension. When you create domain name, affix the domain extension so you are able to retain the legal ownership of the domain name. And occupying domain extension for your domain makes you stand unique. And the brand name Akuaro has a vocabulary score above 8 which is a good score for a brand name to stick into the minds of users at a glance.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Amrop is one of the world’s largest Executive Search Firms & Leadership Recruitment Partnerships that retained executive search partnerships, offering a range of Leadership and Board Services. The brand name “Amrop” is formed with a simple word formation so that it could be easily typeable in search engines. When your brand name is easy to spell and write users could stick to the brand name and type and surf via search engines easily. And here the brand name “Amrop” does not include generic or partially generic terms. Usage of Dictionary words as a brand name might route pages that contain similar words in it. Therefore avoid usage of generic or partially generic while searching Employment & Recruitment business names.

How to come up with a business name?

The long-lasting existence of a startup can be achieved by following the naming strategies successfully. A proper name should be short and simple. If you prefer to make your startup name challenging to the co-competitors, you should be keen enough to avoid the mistakes that are highlighted and explained below.

Worst Labor supply company names

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency
Employee Staffing Group

The brand name “Employee Staffing Group” has 3 generic terms in it and at the same time, it is too long for a brand name. The best brand name should always comprise a short and simple word that does not include generic or partially generic terms in it because if your brand name is too long users cannot grasp the word at a glance and including generic words might lead the search engines to route pages that contain similar terms. Therefore the brand name “Employee Staffing Group” is considered as the worst brand naming idea in accordance with the standard naming qualities.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

The brand name “WORK 22” comprises a generic term along with a number in it. Numbers and special characters are more complex to remember to users so avoid usage of numbers and special characters that might make the brand name more complex. When a brand name is complex consumers cannot stick to the brand name there is a higher tendency for them to forget the brand name. Therefore make sure to exclude the usage of numbers and special characters while creating a name for your business in staffing and recruitment.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Here the brand name “Job1USA” comprises a number in between the words and also comprises two generic terms “Job” and “USA”. using numbers along with a word makes your brand name loaded and complicated. The usage of numbers has the tendency to make the users forget the word after or before the number. Have a keen concern to avoid the usage of numbers while searching employment brand names. At the same time, it is better if you could select a unique brand name that consists of four to six letters in it. Hence, the probability for the customers to stick to the brand name and pronounce it via Voice assistant is high. Please consider the naming strategies while finding a staffing company name idea.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

The brand name “on-ramps “ does not meet up to the standards in the naming qualities. Hence, it is considered a brand name that has generated the worst brand naming strategies while naming the brand. Your brand name is such a critical part of your brand. On-Ramps comprises a hyphen in between the word and also a generic term in it. Make sure to exclude usage of special characters and generic or partially generic terms while generating name ideas for your startup business in staffing and recruitment industry which might lead the users to forget the whole identity of your business.

brand name example Recruitment and Staffing Agency

“QUAD656” is a mixed brand name along with numbers and a dictionary term.  Have a keen concern to exclude usage of special characters and numerical while generating recruitment agency business name ideas. Customers either tend to remember the word or the numerical but not the whole brand name which is messed up. They tend to forget complex words that are jumbled up with characters, numerical and alphabets. This may lead your brand recognition to vanish as it is not memorable or pronounceable by the customers.

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