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Apparel & Clothing Startup Name Ideas

The world’s 1st AI tool to analyze your clothing startup name idea to select the perfect name for your startup.

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Clothing brand name ideas

When considering other industries, the clothing industry is a trending industry among all. No matter how good your products are, you must have the best clothing brand name to become successful in the industry. So, the first challenge you face is what are good company names for your business. 

You can generate clothing brand name ideas through business name generators. But, a perfect clothing brand name should have the brand name qualities. After you have selected a business name, you can try our clothing business name review tool to review your business name ideas.

We have listed new clothing brand name ideas for you. The main thing is you must consider the legal availability before naming your clothing business so your business can grow into a professional one.

Premium Clothing Business names ideas list

If your clothing business is a professional business, following premium business name ideas will be perfect for you. You can purchase below brand names from a domain reseller with legal-ownership and domain. 

Nizow Surprise

brand name examples Clothing Business

Bribzy beauty

brand name examples Clothing Business

Vesloo CottonLoft

brand name examples Clothing Business

Tiyono Design 

brand name examples Clothing Business

Selosy Parade

brand name examples Clothing Business

Sifoz Collection

brand name examples Clothing Business

Logerro Fabrics

brand name examples Clothing Business

Alemmi Dress Master

brand name examples Clothing Business

Prifon Look

brand name examples Clothing Business

Chinxo Vintage

brand name examples Clothing Business

Desger Forever

brand name examples Clothing Business

Sileem Elegance

brand name examples Clothing Business

Cligor Choice

brand name examples Clothing Business

Rogroo Touch

brand name examples Clothing Business

Begxy Style

brand name examples Clothing Business

Compare your clothing brand name ideas with existing names in the field. Then you can come up with good clothing brand name ideas for your own company. Take a look at the following famous clothing brand name examples.

Clothing brand name ideas
Clothing brand name ideas
Clothing brand name ideas
Clothing brand name ideas
Clothing brand name ideas

Best clothing brand name ideas

When you are starting a clothing brand, you have to select a clothing brand name that is ideal for branding. With the growth of your company, your brand name is the main thing that holds your identity in all branding and marketing strategies. So if you are up to launch your own business, you have to make sure to energize it with a perfect brandable name. Let’s see these examples we made;

Izin Zipper
Dress Suit
Fur Coat
Bellezza Secret
Puella Outfittersl
Kjole Beauty
Kotiro Attire
Robe Beauticity
Vestito Bridal
Panthers Wag
Istilo Trends
Vestido Shopy
Steil Trading
Armour Cosmo
Stil Look
Mirar Woman
Vultus Spark
Bheka Trendy
Lauren Artistic
Crew Couture
Cavrio Costumes
Acorivo Apparel
Zavigo Collar
Xovio Zone
Fazovi Fashions
Stavigo Store
Cazevo Casualwear
Vixo Vintage
Trazogo Trading
Fazori Factory
Exovi Express
Stavio Splash
Ouixo Outlet
Xarizo Clothiers
Yazori Youth
Abrovi American
Geviyo Generation
Decoliy Designs
Fabulus Flannels
Mexovi Metro

Best online Clothing Brand Names

When considering the list of clothing companies, most of them are based on Online shopping. So, your clothing business name should be simple enough for users to type easily on the web. Also, good clothing brand names can help communicate with the audience easily.  

If your idea is naming your clothing business to perform well online, check out the catchy clothing business name ideas below.

Banfot Beauty
Bagot Beat
Falixo Fancy
Sawori Sweet
Maxori Mood
Sturi Styleboss
Prexo Perfect
Trmul Trendy
Gollni Gold
Benfist Best
Bavio Beauticity
Amerio Selective
Salsi Ready
Lazei Lucky
Vizo Vibe
Binua Bridal
Drexo Dresspower
Cazoro Cosmovision
Wenzi Welltrade
Sulogi Sunshine

Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

It’s really challenging when selecting urban clothing name ideas. You should select a fashionable clothing business name to grab the attention of customers. A good business name has the power to attract potential customers. So, try to make a good impression through your urban clothing business name

Here is the list of urban clothing company name ideas that we suggest for you. 

Sublime Elegance
Cothing Trade
Polo Jeans
Gap Charm
Bella Couture
Acorn Designers
Modny Trendy
Avirex Unique
Muoti Vogue
Voga Lixury
Odziez Walks
Dana Upcycle
Etnies Branded
Noah Cheviot
Lids Concept
Isko Shape
Fashion Dreams
Eadai Kingdom
Arropa Cart
Ella Fairies

Unique Clothing Brand Names

We analyzed more than 1000 clothing business names. As per our results, customers remember brand names that are easy and relevant for the business. The first thing you have to do is catch your customers’ minds. Because potential customers spread good words about your clothing business.

Here are some unique and famous clothing business names in the industry which have become successful.

Below we have suggested a list of unique clothing brand name ideas for your reference.

Dizayn Blossoms
Yeezy Freestyle
Timo Streetwear
Diseno Missy
Xena Classy
Free Mercantile
Flash Blush
Muoti Threads
Cool Starstyling
Kuhle Desigual
Frigus Cotton
Glam Extraordinaire
Viilea Collect
Rock Line
Ifashoni Wear
Vera Glory
Look Pretty
Cool Craze
Yumi Creation
Bridal Desires

Cool clothing brand name ideas

A cool business name has to be short and simple. Using lengthy brand names do not perform well for startup businesses. So if you are not going to make a big investment in branding, do not go for lengthy names. A cool brand name can support your clothing business to grow faster than you expect. Let’s see some examples of cool clothing brand name ideas.

Avriuo Apparel
Axit Adventure
Fprixo Fashion
Walbri Walk
Soxo Style
Slivo Spotlight
Trohc Touch
Alozi Avenue
Calxi Clothing
Dilky Doodles
Smofiy Smarty
Vrigo Vogue
Viilea Collect
Gevito Garments
Sulit Streetwear
Jaxo Jeans
Decoti Dancewear
Tyoti Threads
Wolomi Women
Lolivo Lovely
Outor Outfitter
Fazo Flannels
Cimae Casualwear
Enviol Elegance
Malori Modern

Funny clothing brand names

Funny brand names can be a good strategy to gain attention. Using ridiculous clothing brand names is not a bad thing at all. But, without a proper understanding of brand name qualities, your clothing brand name can also negatively affect your business growth. So if you are using this as a strategy, you have to be careful with your choices to keep the brainstorming on the right path.

The following list will help you brainstorm funny clothing business name ideas.

New Look
Patterns World
Angel’s Garments
Clothing Surprise
Seri's Choice
Classy Missy
Funky Fashion
Hanky Mode
Trendy Trems
Dorian Styles
Cute Guise
Wide Vibe
Go Trendy
Wear Vibe
Schott Rock
Tori Collection
Design Touch
Crisp Casual
Kohiko Smart
Dress Master

Catchy clothing brand name ideas

Being catchy to the customers is a must be quality when starting a clothing brand. You can use many strategies to make a catchy clothing business name for you to start the business. Sharpen your ideas by analyzing the existing business names in the field and targeting the interests of your customers. Do not worry about the time you spend on these tasks before naming because it will be an investment for your growth. Let’s jump into some catchy clothing brand examples.

Gafoli Grown
Higo Hilfiger
Clero Closet
Lawro Label
Fabul Fashioner
Bacol Beautyl
Wezol Wear
Lexoki Look
Cheni Choose
Halow Hub
Trado Trend
Afailya Attire
Sumori Surprise
Infula Inspire
Majent Missy
Vinori Vibe
Szogo Super
Lavunt Looks
Jouro Jeans
Frante Fancy

Creative clothing line names

Without creativity, you can’t stand out from the competition in the clothing industry. You can apply all the tips for naming into your thoughts, but still, your creativity is the glue that can craft the best clothing business name. Here are some creative clothing line names that we created for examples.

Dweio Dresses
Lanuxo Label
Detroi Destiny
Cameli Clothing
Trancy Tempted
Capici Clubwear
Vacado Apparel
Rubiuo Runway
Bzoliy Boutique
Syoli Suits
Teroro Threads
Fasudi Fairway
Vocoti Vault
Sanfiz Signatures
Hiroz HipHop
Wadiyo Wear
Frexo Freestyle
Umoli Uniforms
Avefo Accessories
Plvoi Playwear

Luxury clothing brand name ideas

Take your time to analyze the luxury clothing brand names out there in the industry. With the results in mind, the first thing you have to do is naming your clothing business with a luxury business name. Below we give you a list of luxury business name ideas for your inspiration.

Perfect Fit
Fashion Track
Ropa Express
Fetish Clothing
Gorgeous Lady
Odziez Couture
Irui Showroom
Designer Dresses
Zovala Samples
Dillad Golden
Visti Fashionery
Lole Patterns
Designers Lounge
Classic Leather
Fashion Week
Nivus Comfort
Trends Apparel
Sparkl Wear
Fancy Palace
Nirvana Lifestyle

Fitness clothing brand name ideas

This includes gym wear and sportswear clothing brand names. Perfect fitness clothing business names have to give customers a sporty impression. That is great leverage for your business growth among your customer base. For example, here are some catchy fitness clothing brand name ideas

Areve Quality
Spoirt Legacy
Vines Boss
Serea Smarty
Outfit Archive
laro Intimates
French Sole
Just Black
Hot Threads
Fit Thread
Finer Threads
Karo Gentle
More Power
Fit Formula
Modern Swimwear
Sukan Fitness
Global Power
Boundless Design
Cardio Kings
League Fitness

Gym clothing brand names

Azoral Apparel
Heviro Heist
Xovio Sportswear
Strizo Storm
Gymivo Healthy
Aerzo Activewear
Splovi Sports
Braxovi Borvo
Invilot Intimate
Gyoly Gym
Vixo Vibes
Fazoly Fluxwears
Bavido Body
Saviloy Sporty
Trafego Team
Winzo Winner
Staxo Stylish
Falcon Footwear
Traliyo Trendy
Comfito Competition

Yoga clothing brand name ideas

Yoga clothing brand names or workout clothes brand names have to follow the same sporty tone as in the previous list. You can use relevant words for yoga as a leverage to express what your business offers to the customers. It can be more engaging and appealing for your target customer base. Let’s see what are some examples of yoga clothing brand name ideas.

Laviro Leggings
Yogavi Easy
Stalues Style
Camzor Comfort
Levidro Lifestyle
Savro Smooth
Pafoli Pants
Prixo Precision
Infintyo Inspirate
Caferiya Calm
Lovis Lovelive
Staviro Stretch
Zalivo Impressions
Pevigo Perfect
Evro Elegance
Zavico Idealfeel
Sofoli Softweave
Gazoli Gravity
Aviro Athletica
Finovi Flying

Streetwear clothing store name ideas

When you are crafting a creative clothing business name for your streetwear business, try to manage an engaging tone with your ideas. Your streetwear clothing business name has to be appealing for the customers to visit your business and see what you have. Let’s see what kind of business names can be ideal for a street clothing business.

Aqua Line
Zvio Clothing
Fabula Boutique
Awero Apparel
Sviyo Falcon
Pexo Kelly
Zbeio Walk
Lowro Style
Turifo Touch
Lemuwo Legacy
Dxoi Deux
Wendul Wear
Prico Play
Dante Doodles
Fanti Smarty
Ouro Outfit
Defiti Intimates
Zego Zipper
Qulo Lady
Gravio Grapes

Vintage clothing store name ideas

If you are launching a vintage clothing shop, you have to feel the customers’ mindset as well. Think about their desires and interests to understand what kind of a tone you have to project through your vintage clothing business name. That way you can use the passion of your customer base as leverage to be a more captivative business. Here are some suggestions to give you a better idea.

Alufez Alluring
Vintero Vintage
Tredugo Treasures
Dafiro Dreams
Vinflow Vintage
Rafoliy Retro
Rangiyo Really
Glafiyo Glory
Devio Decades
Imbravo Impressive
Vinzoro Pretty
Axoro Archive
Luxco Luxury
Calvio Classic
Refengo Refresh
Unifac Unique
Ventirio Venice
Exviro Excellent
Tranfi Traditional
Falues Foreign

Sustainable clothing brand name ideas

We suggest you select a captivating business name idea if you want to expand your customer base with sustainability. The best business name ideas lead you to success. Look at the following sustainable clothing business name ideas for your inspiration.

Snorg Beauty
Body Canvas
Fabulous Fabrics
Volcom Elegant
Fiber Fashion
Dream Fabric
Fantastic Corner
Soffe Flash
French Favors
Choice Clothes
Silk Clothing
Tipsy Eyeish
Style Reckless
Randa Accessorize
Life’s Looks
Lauren Wear
High Style
Goddess Needle
Vines Dressing
Troop Glowing

Readymade Garment Shop Names

When you are building a fashion brand, your business name represents your whole identity and reputation. It has to reflect your values and sound relevant to give the best impression for the customers. Let’s see some examples.

Rock Style
Faze Couture
Teen Wear
Prana Impress
Vintage Garment
Pelle Connection
Cool Cloth
Quality Queen
French Favors
Full Effect
Lavish Style
Venus Textilmatic
Fusion Fabrique
Flux Elegance
Orvis Freestyle
Cruise Walk
Classy Trend
Foxy Fashionista
Charm Clothina
Style Forever

Stylish names for clothing shops

The clothing business is based on styles. Each of your customers has their own taste of styles. So rather than having a common name, you can inject a stylish tone into the ideas while brainstorming your clothing shop name. Are you interested in some examples?

Coviloy Concept
Simvic Simply
Coviri Clotherie
Rixovi Retail
Weioy Wear
Thrifo Threads
Alviro Alstyle
Jefogi Jeans
Fazoro Finish
Liforal Line
Daviro Dancewear
Wivo Wholesale
Prefort Perfect
Salovi Spotlight
Sixo Suitsupply
Frazogo Free
Exdulo Exchange
Aviro Express
Vinxo Vintage
Sivilot Secret

Spanish clothing store name ideas

If you have decided Spanish clothing as your clothing business niche, try to give the same feel for the customers through your business name. It will make it easy to reach the customer base you are targeting. Are you interested in some spanish clothing store name suggestions?

Bexo Bella
Dviro Divina
Ensoi Encanto
Enfrant Estilo
Paxoi Pasión
Prazo Princesa
Vindulz Pícara
Wapa Cloth
Zeworo Lavender
Lanfi Luna
Grifin Glitz
Gofiliyo Golden
Bafulo Buttons
Lavishe Ladies
Hendivo Heidi
Stavio Style
Clavi Classy
Azori Amour
Fazori Fashion
Xawor Vogue

Unique boutique names

Starting a boutique can be a turning point in your life if you are following the strategies in the right path. The first and most important one is your business name. Try to be sure you have selected the most appealing and unique boutique name to attract the customers.

Bavizo Blossoms
Crivio Boutique
Pasila Petals
Bozol Bridal
Trezui Trend
Draivo Dresser
Fabula Factory
Saion Style
Laviro Loft
Digot Dress
Mimosa Vintage
Lanxo Lorenzo
Therut Threads
Inforu Imagine
Faziro Fashion
Anfiz Angel
Mazi Moonflower
Envio Lovely
Gafori Gorgeous
Finoliy Figer

Inappropriate business names

The business name can become your best strength for growth. Same as that, your business name can be the biggest weakness in your business that holds you from growing up. So, before it becomes too late, you have to select the best clothing business name for you in the beginning. It is an investment of time for your growth and also gives you priceless confidence. There are some common mistakes and weaknesses in business names people usually trap themselves in. Here are some examples of bad business names that you have to avoid while brainstorming.

The Look Presents
To all the boys
Fashions fade style
Dress like a boss
The key to style
Dress to kill
Dress up Girls
Level 27 Clothing
The Elder Statesman
Elegance & Elimination
Rosy Cheeks Children’s Apparel
Blacks Outdoor Retail
Dressed up & Glamorous
Point of woman’s outfit
The Jessica Simpson Collection
Reality of everyday life
Anchor Blue Clothing Company
Monte Carlo Fashions Limited
Thousand Years Fashion
Splash About International
Clothing brand name ideas

How to start a clothing apparel business

If you are planning on how to start a clothing apparel business, you need to find a supply of quality products to establish a lasting business. The first thing you have to do is analyze your competitors. You have to explore their strengths and weaknesses to use them wisely to place your business in a withstanding position. The information you gathered also will help you to find the best and reasonable price for your products. 

If you are starting a professional business, you have to think about the business registrations and the law requirements too.

Apparel e-commerce market size in the United States from 2016 to 2021

(In billion U.S. dollars)

2016 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 60.2%
2017 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 68%
2018 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 75.8%
2019 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 87.6%
2020 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 91.7%
2021 (E-commercial value in billion U.S dollars ) 99.1%


Trendex North America © Statista 2020

How to start a clothing business with a low budget

Before thinking about the low budget you have, you have to think about the costs you have when starting a business.

  • Branding costs (logo, website, business cards)
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Deposits and rentals of your showrooms
  • Sewing and designing tools
  • Materials and production cost
  • Business registrations/ license
  • Phone and internet, creating an invoicing software and other expenses

After you list down all your costs, you can remove the things you already have alternative options that do not need to spend. Think about all the ways you can minimize other costs and list them down separately. By doing this, you can have a better picture of how to start a clothing business with a low budget and how you need to optimize each of your steps

Clothing brand name ideas


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How to start a clothing business from home

First of all, you have to decide what kind of clothes you are going to sell. Then find the most suitable room or space that is clean and inspiring for the business. About the marketing, you have to create your online and social media presence creatively to draw the highest engagement from customers. You have to find wholesalers to supply quality products for your business. Think about the payment methods and delivery options to be prepared. 

Starting your own clothing line from home has many advantages. It will save the costs that you have to spend on a separate place as a showroom. You can spend your money on marketing and advertising needs with minimum extra costs. On the other hand, you can create a showroom later as an experienced businessman with enough money to spend.

Top Clothing Brands 2020

Clothing brand name ideas

How to start your own clothing brand

More than 30% of sales of the clothing business happens through eCommerce sites. So, this is the best era setting up an online clothing business from home can be profitable. Let’s see what are the steps you have to follow when starting a successful online clothing business

  • Decide the product niche you are going to sell
  • Create a good clothing business plan
  • Select a perfect business name and a domain for your business
  • Explore the market for suppliers and wholesalers
  • Create your website
  • Create necessary social media pages
  • Add the products and catchy descriptions
  • Launch your business and start with your marketing strategies
  • Analyze the progress, spot the mistakes and repeat!

At the beginning of your business, you don’t need to target everyone as your customer base. Select a specific age range, gender, or any specialized group of people as your targeted audience. That will give you an advantage on all your marketing strategies. Here are some examples of online clothing business ideas to inspire you.

  • Sportswear
  • Vintage clothes
  • Kids’ fashion clothes
  • Men’s fashion
  • Women’s fashion
  • Bridal fashion

When you are launching a product make sure it is relevant to your customer base and help you keep them interested. That is the key to keep your customers engaged with your business.

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