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If you don’t have an idea to name your startup (Guide)

Now maybe you think of starting a startup and you’re thinking about “How to come up with a business name”. A Startup Name is something beyond words. First decision is what to name my business, right..?

Are you still thinking of a business name for your startup or found a name and yet not sure whether it will suit your industry? We, Wobiyo, are ready to ease your stress in naming your business for a startup. We will provide you with an unrivaled AI powered tool to review your startup name which is specifically designed  for each industry.

Also, let us look into some of the best startups in the world 2018/19. Here are the Top World-Changing latest startup name examples to watch in 2018/2019 with Tips for Naming Your Startup Business.

Let’s Look up for some sticky facts to be considered while entering the brand naming strategies.

A startup name serves as the strength for a product. Your name is such a critical part of your brand. If the naming procedure becomes unsuccessful, the whole business will end up in a tragedy.

Even though you can create brand name using existing brand name generators such as Anadea, Oberlo, Shopify, Name Mesh, Brand Root, Cool Name Ideas, Namelix, Novanym, Squadhelp, Namepard and Getsocio, the quality of brand names offered by them cannot be guaranteed. But if you use “Startup name review tool”, you can check the quality of the brand name of your choice to make sure whether it is the best brand name for you or not. We, the Wobiyo Team, join hands with you to ease your process in finding catchy business name ideas for your Startup which is especially peculiar in identifying a name for your Startup with the usage of a Review tool.

When generating company name ideas for your startup markup to the naming strategies that are discussed. We are readily awaiting to guide you to come up with great brand name ideas that would reflect as the best brand names in the coming future.

Uniqueness – Domain Availability

Domain name is the name of your website. Customers can access your website through your domain address via search engines. Therefore, choosing a brand name and a similar domain name is  more important than any other factors in naming strategies.

Most popular .com domain extensions for startups

A good domain name can be determined through brainstorming. Domain names have a massive impact in the web.

Look into some of the famous companies that made use of .com domain extension. Also, make sure to use the best domain extension if you want to stand out in the industry. Large numbers of domain extensions exist, but they differ according to their specific characteristics. Compared to all the domain availability, .com extension is the most reliable domain extension. Almost all world famous companies use .com as their domain extension. Best brand names in the industry make use of .com domain extension.

Look into some of the famous companies that made use of .com domain extension.

Google – google.com
Apple – apple.com

The.com domain extension is by far the most commonly used and valued domain suffix. .com increases the credibility of websites. Hence .com has built confidence in industries. Users always make choices at first glance by looking up for sources that are reliable and trustful.

Although the availability of .com domain extension does not directly impact on google ranking, it indirectly affects the ranking status of your website in search engines. It is always best to make use of the  .com domain because it gives limitless access worldwide.

So make sure the domain of your brand name comes along with the .com domain extension rather than the below mentioned factors.

If your business or brand name is for a non- profit organization,normally you go along with the .org domain extension or else when your target is only on a specific region or country you go along with specific country codes like .uk for united kingdom, .ca for canada and then .au for australia but still if you need a uniqueness for your brand name .com domain extensions stands as the best in the industry.

Simplicity – Vocabulary score

Build a Super Brand Name with Vocabulary score

Vocabulary score of a brand name is a very important factor which is defined to measure and understand how short and simple your startup name is. Simply, it measures the value of the word, based on the memorization and pronunciation criteria. The value of a word is measured by checking whether the word is easily pronounceable.

The brand names that had higher vocabulary scores above 8 also stood as the best brand names. Apple.com, Nikon.com and Cisco.com are some of them. If the ratings of the Vocabulary score stands high, it is claimed as a great opportunity to  make use of that specific word as it has the capability to catch up the customer satisfaction. Whenever you are naming your business, we always suggest you check the vocabulary score rate for your brand/startup name so that it would grasp into the customers’ mind.

Best Brand Name Example


The name for your business must be simple and easy to pronounce so you can easily retain loyal customers. Once users face difficulties when pronouncing your brand name they may evade it. Therefore, we highly advise you to select a unique brand name which doesn’t have complex word formation that confuses users. .

Normally, your happy customers act like your brand’s agents, right? Because, they normally share your business name among other friends of theirs. So, in order to make a better sharing process you should have a smooth and clear brand name. The best business names are short and simple and easily pronounceable.

Here are a few examples for Super brand names that can be pronounced easily and people can easily remember.


Can be spelled by Voice Assistant  

A best business name must be smooth and simple for anyone to be easily pronounceable including voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Alexa and google assistant. It is incredibly important to understand your startup name through voice assistant as it is strategically best for the future.

Best Voice Assistant Examples with Artificial Intelligence

If your startup name can be easily understood and pronounced through Voice assistant it has the capability to respond quickly and it is more advantageous for your startup. Easily pronounced words have the capability to stick in to the minds of the users and remain long in the desired industry.


Google is a word that is easy to memorize according to the Phonological loop

Your business name has to create an impression on your customers. When you are looking for business name ideas for your startup ensure whether your name remains sticky in customers’ minds throughout.

Human memory consists of a component named Phonological loop that deals with auditory information. The Phonological loop is a short term verbal memory in the working memory. This helps to memorize words that are spelt. When you assign your startup/brand with lengthy names, it would be difficult for the human brain to grasp the words at once, therefore it is proper to name a brand/startup with simple names which will be easy for people to memorize and keep the word sticked to their memory system.

Almost all popular and best brand names in the industry are catchy and sticky and able to capture the attention of their users through a phonological loop. It will be beneficial if you can create a startup name where they can remain in a phonological loop and also if it remains as an unforgettable name for the customers. Some of the best brands that are memorable in the industry are google.com and yahoo.com.

Character Count

A brand/startup name should comprise a minimum of four or maximum of six characters. Having a limited character count will help the users to grasp it easily. The character count in a brand name greatly impacts on the simplicity and pronunciation of the word. Name your brand name with a short character count so you can easily retain happy customers.

Accordingly, while naming your business, the character count feature should be essentially considered. We always define everything to be short and sweet. The more simpler your brand/startup name is the more popularity it will gain. A unique brand name will direct you to a better place in the Industry.

A perfect brand name includes a character count range between 4 – 6. If your brand name is too short or has more than 6 characters, make sure to select a brand name with an appropriate character count to make your brand name perfect.

Character count Range according to brand qualities

1 – 3 Not Recommended
4 – 6 Best
7 – 8 Good
8 (Above) – Not Recommended

Popular brand names with Perfect Character count

Uber – 4 characters
Pepsi – 5 characters
Intel – 5 character
Amazon – 6 characters

Exclusion of Numbers / Special Characters

The best business names should be simple and clear that do not confuse customers. If a brand/startup name contains any numbers or special characters, it complicates customers’ minds. We advise you to avoid using numbers and special characters if you want to retain happy customers. Please don’t confuse your valuable customers with complicated names with numbers. Most of the companies in the world do not use Numbers or Special Characters for their names as it may lead to puzzlement and distraction.

 So Hard to Remember Brand Name


Perfect Brand Name


Always make sure to avoid Numbers and special characters while naming your business Almost all familiar and best brand names exclude numbers and special characters in their brand name.

Spell and write

Good business names are simple. It should be formed with a simple word formation for users to spell and write easily. If your startup name is overly complex with tricky spellings, abbreviations and numbers, it can be a problem. The name you desire to fix as your startup name should be easily spelt and written. As it lies as the foundation for your branding process make sure your startup name is easier for potential customers to understand and spell it pleasantly.

Legal Availability

Registering the brand/startup name by checking the legal availability is the next important duty of a person who is in the idea of initiating a startup/brand. While finalizing the process of building a Startup name make sure to consider the legal availability status of your name by validating it through a trademark directory. So that you could avoid piracy meanwhile you also could ensure worldwide protection that prevents third parties from using the same identical Startup name. Legal availability of a brand name can be checked before registering. A brand name to own the legal availability should be registered and clarified prior building it into a wide range of business.

Dictionary Words

The Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) filters low quality sites from ranking well because of the usage of dictionary words or generic words in a startup/brand name. The startup/brand which is named using dictionary words has higher possibilities of dropping out from rankings and at the same time it loses its identity which will result in difficulties to attain traffic. Therefore, while naming your business, constantly try to avoid/ minimize the usage of dictionary words.

Clean History

Make sure to form fresh brand/startup names so that you will not get affected by the past histories of it. There are possibilities for a brand/startup name to lose its popularity among the customers just because some other company with the same brand name has lost public trust long time ago. Therefore, while naming your business, be considerate about the past histories of it. Ensure that the name you assign to your startup/brand has a clear history. A best brand name in the industry should always comprise a clean history.

Use Single word Brand Name

In order to maintain long term relationships with happy customers, it is important to have a brand/startup name that is a single word. Just think a bit, almost all popular business names use a single word as their brand name, right? Assigning a brand name with more than one word will confuse the users while typing it, and there are high possibilities for them to forget certain words or letters when the name is lengthy and complicated. In the current industry we can look into all famous brand names that only comprises a single termed word in it.Some of them are Cisco.com, Google.com and Rayban.com.

Avoid Keywords

There should be a catchy and unique brand name and it should be in a way that it does not affect the purpose of the business. A quality brand/startup name cannot be built using a keyword. Innovative fresh words attract the users rapidly than expected. It is not demanded for a brand/startup name to have a dictionary meaning, the assistance you serve through your brand will remain as its identity throughout. While naming your business, have a keen concern to omit keywords as your brand name.

Do not Imitate

Top Brand Name Imitation Examples

Generally, imitating is not considered morally right. Regardless of the sectors, imitating someone or something has a negative impression among the huge crowd. A brand/startup name should not be an imitation of another brand, the search engines have higher possibilities to correct the word and route traffic to other pages with similar words. When the brand/startup name is an imitated name of another brand, the possibilities for the page to get higher rankings is very low. Therefore, in order to make a brand/startup reach a higher ranking, imitations should be widely avoided. Most of the worst brand names in the industry are imitated from other long lasting best brand names in the current industry. Which is totally unwelcomed in the naming strategies.

Usage of other languages which denotes negative connotations

Generally, the meaning of a word differs from country to country. So, we always suggest you look for the alternative meanings of a word before naming your business. Just like a person’s name implies their personality, a brand name implies the quality of the brand. If your startup name carries on a negative meaning, users’ might have a bad image on your business. You know a powerful and cool company name is the key to success in the global market. When you are globalizing a startup, it is always a good idea to check whether your name means something different in the regions where you’re planning to expand.

Pepsi’s slogan “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” in Chinese the meaning  differs as “Pepsi Brings You Back from the Grave”
Mercedes-Benz tried to enter the Chinese market, they use “Bensi” because it is similar to “Benz” sound. But in chinese language the meaning for it is “rush to die”
KFC’s tagline “ finger-lickin’ good ” in Chinese language the meaning is “eat their fingers off ”
Popular Brand Names with Unfortunate Foreign languages Translations with Negative Connotations
How to come up with an industry-based best brand name for your startup?

We are offering a startup name review tool collection related for each industry. You can review whether your brand name idea is best or worst in your industry. Perfect guidelines will be given based on each industry singly taking examples from the best, worst and renamed brands in the industry during the recent past.

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