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The 1st AI-powered Startup Name Review Tool

The best free online brand name evaluation tool to avoid irreversible mistakes when naming your startup

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How to name your startup

A startup name is an important part of your business. If your startup name selection is unsuccessful, it will lead your business into a tragedy.

Are you searching for cool startup name ideas? Or are you thinking about how to evaluate a brand name that you already own? We, Wobiyo, provide you with an unrivaled AI-powered startup naming tool to analyze your startup business name based on your industry. If you review your startup name idea, you can see how good it performs with the brand name qualities. You can also refer to the latest startup naming trends to sharpen your ideas before brainstorming.

Try to look into some of the creative and best startup names examples in 2018/19 which can be considered as Top World-Changing latest startup companies.

startup name ideas
Tips for Naming Your Startup

A startup name is not just a couple of words that represent your business. It is the identity that holds your entire business reputation. Here we are going to discuss how to come up with a perfect business name for your startup. We suggest you consider all these business naming strategies we have pointed out below. 

1. Check the domain name

Com Domain

The domain name is the name of your website. Choosing a brand name to use with a similar domain name is important. You also have to consider using an effective domain extension with your domain name. 

Uniqueness is a must need for your startup. If you explore famous business names, most of them use unique, invented startup domain names like and Having a .com domain is also a plus point for their operations.

When looking into the famous business names, you can see that they have chosen unique startup names such as, Having a .com domain also has been an advantage for them to keep their unique identity.

Look into some of the famous companies that made use of .com domain extension.

Google –
Nike –

If your business or brand name is for a non-profit organization, you can go with the .org domain extension. If you target a customer base only in a specific region or a country, you can also use country-based extensions. Like .uk for the United Kingdom, .au for Australia .ca for Canada. If you are targeting a global marketplace, those extensions will not help you grow up. You have to choose this wise before launching your business.

2. Make it simple

Best Brand Name

The vocabulary score is an important factor to measure the simplicity of your brand name ideas.

The brand names that have higher vocabulary scores above 8 also stand as the best brand names., and are some of them. If the ratings of the Vocabulary score stands high, it is claimed as a great opportunity to  make use of that specific word as it has the capability to catch up the customer satisfaction.

Whenever you are naming your business, we always suggest you check the vocabulary score rate for your brand/startup name so that it would grasp into the customers’ mind.

3. Make it easy to pronounce

Super Brand Name

While creating a business name, it must be able to pronounce loud effortlessly. That helps people to keep your name in memory.

It is also helpful to reach more customers by word of mouth. We highly recommend you not to use long and complicated words in your business name that confuse your customers. Check out these business name examples.


Can be spelled by Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Good business name ideas must be easy to pronounce and recognize for voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Alexa and google assistant. If you plan to launch the business at the professional level, this will be a valuable advantage for your growth. 

If your startup name is easy to understand by the voice assistant software, it can respond quickly and help you withstand the competition in upcoming technological trends.

4. Make it easy to memorize

Google is a word that is easy to memorize according to the Phonological loop

Some words are easy to memorize according to the Phonological loop. The Phonological Loop is a short-term verbal memory in the working memory. That helps recall words you spelled before. If you choose a lengthy name for your startup, it is difficult for the human brain to catch the name to keep in memory. That means your business name requires to be heard several times by a customer to keep it in memory. That will also affect your marketing costs badly.

5. Keep it short and sweet

A startup name is better to have a minimum of four to a maximum of six characters in it.

Having a 4-6 character count helps the customers to grasp it effortlessly. The character count in a brand name directly impacts the simplicity and pronunciation as well.

Look for unique business name ideas with a short character count so you can easily retain happy customers.

Character count Range according to brand qualities

1 – 3 Not Recommended
4 – 6 Best
7 – 8 Good
8 (Above) – Not Recommended

Popular brand names with Perfect Character count

Uber – 4 characters
Pepsi – 5 characters
Intel – 5 character
Amazon – 6 characters

6. Avoid Numbers / Special Characters

A perfect business name should not include things that confuse the customers. In that case, we recommend you avoid using numbers and special characters in your business name. It also affects the pronunciation badly and hard to recognize by voice assistance software.

So Hard to Remember Brand Name

Perfect Brand Name

7. Make it Easy to Spell and write

Good business names are simple. You have to create your business name with a simple word-formation to spell and write effortlessly. If your startup name contains tricky spellings, abbreviations, and numbers, your business name is hard to spell and write for customers. That can be a disadvantage for your business.

8. Check the Legal Availability

Registering a brand name /startup name is the next important step of a successful business. The name you chose has to be unique and available to use legally.

After choosing your startup name, make sure to claim the legal ownership by validating it through a trademark directory. That way, you can ensure worldwide protection that prevents third parties from using the same startup name.

9. Avoid Dictionary Words

The Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) filters low quality sites from ranking well because of the usage of dictionary words or generic words in a startup/brand name.

The startup/brand which is named using dictionary words has higher possibilities of dropping out from rankings and at the same time it loses its identity which will result in difficulties to attain traffic. 

Therefore, while naming a startup, constantly try to avoid/ minimize the usage of dictionary words.

10. Make sure to choose a fresh startup name

Make sure to create a fresh startup business name. That way, you will not get affected by the history of that name. 

As an example, a new startup business name can lose its popularity among the customers because another company with the same brand name had lost public trust a long time ago.

11. Use Single Word Brand Name

Almost all popular business names use a single word as their brand name. 

Assigning a brand name with more than one word will confuse the customers while typing it, and there is a high possibility for them to forget some words or letters when the name is lengthy and complicated. 

If you check famous brand names, most of those use a single word to represent their business. Check out these examples., and

12. Avoid Keywords

Using a keyword is also better to avoid while creating a catchy and unique startup name. Innovative fresh words attract more customers. 

It is not required for a brand/startup name to have a dictionary meaning. The identity you create around the startup name is everything that matters. 

While naming your business, have a keen concern to omit keywords in your brand name.

13. Do not Imitate

A brand name or a startup name has to avoid imitating another brand. The search engines most probably auto-correct the word and route the traffic to other pages with similar words. So while choosing your best startup name, you have to explore the field to check the competitor names to avoid any accidental imitations. 

Apart from the disadvantage of search engines, customers can lose interest and trust if they feel you are a copy of another brand. That will make your business impossible to create your own identity.

14. Do not use other languages which denotes negative connotations

You have to know the importance of company image first. You know that a powerful and perfect company name is the key to success. 

When you are branding a startup on a global level, it is always a good idea to check whether your name means something different in the regions where you’re planning to expand.

Pepsi’s slogan “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” in Chinese the meaning differs as “Pepsi Brings You Back from the Grave”
Mercedes-Benz tried to enter the Chinese market, they use “Bensi” because it is similar to the “Benz” sound. But in chinese language the meaning for it is “rush to die”
KFC’s tagline “ finger-lickin’ good ” in Chinese language the meaning is “eat their fingers off ”
Rebrand Brand name

15. Select a name you are happy to use

Selecting a perfect name for your startup is not enough. You have to like your startup name as well. Because, as the owner of your business, you are thinking about your brand every time. If you don’t like your brand name, you won’t be inspired by the name. You won’t be able to work happily either. So, don’t choose a name that you don’t like. 

You can also refer to the questions you face while naming your startup that are answered and explained by Wobiyo branding experts.

startup name ideas
Startup Journey

Why do you want to launch a startup?

Before planning anything about your startup, it is important to analyze the real reasons that lead you to think about this idea. If you want a startup to be successful, it requires great determination and passion to work hard and smart. And also requires patience to go through challenges. For all of those, the reason behind the idea is your motivation.

Have you analyzed the problems your target customers face?

It is important to understand what are the problems and challenges your customers face. It gives you a clear vision to keep your thoughts and efforts on the right path to be productive.

Do you have a proper understanding of your target customer base?

Each step you make in your startup has to be targeted and make sense for your customers. Even when you are naming your startup or creating a logo, a better understanding of customers can help you reach the most effective results. On the other hand, this helps you on branding and marketing effectively to reach your target customers.

Have you analyzed your competitors?

Before you plan anything in your startup, you have to analyze your competitors. That can help you to understand their strengths and weaknesses to keep your startup on the right path. On the other hand, if you have any weaknesses over them, you can work on those to fix. Same as that, if you have any positive sides over the competitors you can energize those areas as well.

What makes you different from competitors?

This is what you have to think about to withstand the competition. You have to think about why a customer has to choose you over your competitors. And what values of your startup can hold a loyal customer base over your competitors. You have to give them reasons to choose you as the right place to trust.

Have you analyzed the values of your products or services?

It is important to understand the cost for you to run the startup and value your products to be beneficial. This helps you understand the potential of your startup and have a vision for long-term growth.

startup name ideas
Top 10 Startup Naming Mistakes

Even if you have the knowledge to create a perfect business name, there are mistakes you can make that are common in the business field. So, the smart way to avoid those is to learn about the mistakes you can make. Here are the top 10 common mistakes that require your attention


Not paying the attention it requires

Your business name is the identity of your business. It plays a major role in the growth and success of your business. If you don’t care enough while naming your business, it can be the reason to fail as a startup. So naming your business is the first and most important step you have to make. Invest your time on it and choose wisely.

startup name ideas
startup name ideas

Choosing a name that makes no sense

The name you choose has to represent your whole business and has to be relevant. Even while inventing a new unique business name, you can apply a perfect tone and make it sound relevant to give the right impression. With or without using relevant words, try to create the best matching business name for your business.

Accidently imitating other business names

Even if you invented a new name for your business, there is a possibility that someone else already has the same business name. You can avoid this by analyzing competitors before naming your business. And also by checking the legal availability using our startup name review tool

startup name ideas
startup name ideas

Using business names that create limitations

People do this to grab the opportunity of trends to reach customers. It is effective but only for a short time period. If you need to give your efforts to a potential startup with long-term goals, you have to avoid business names with time value.

Using trending or timely words in business names

People do this to grab the opportunity of trends to reach customers. It is effective but only for a short time period. If you need to give your efforts to a potential startup with long-term goals, you have to avoid business names with time value.

startup name ideas
startup name ideas

Using business names with less branding value

When you choose lengthy business names, dictionary words, or numbers, it is not easy to reach more customers compared to a simple business name. You may need to spend a lot on marketing and branding to reach people without the support of your business name.

Brainstorming ideas without proper knowledge on business names

The time and money that you invest in the business naming task has to be productive with proper knowledge. A better understanding of the qualities it has to contain and following the successful startup naming trends can lead you to a perfect choice.

startup name ideas
startup name ideas

Not using professional help on reviewing startup name ideas

There are some mistakes that may not be visible to you while naming your startup. We suggest you use professional help on reviewing your business name before making your final decision with your name ideas.

Not using the same domain name and business name

While creating the online presence of your startup, you have to purchase the exact same domain name as your startup name. Unless it makes it hard for customers to recognize your business online. On the other hand, if someone else purchased the domain name that matches your startup name, you may face unnecessary problems.

startup name ideas
startup name ideas

Not using the .com domain extension

Customers are likely to search you online with the .com extension. It can create your startup with a professional and trustworthy background. If someone else has the .com domain, it can confuse your customers and makes it harder to gain traffic to your business.

startup name ideas

Startup name suggestions

A startup name is not just a name. It represents your whole business. When you are thinking about what to name your startup, be inspired by looking at the best startup name ideas we have provided. So, you can come up with a perfect matching startup name for your business.

Here are category-based startup company name suggestions with related Wobiyo startup name evaluation tools.

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