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Travel Industry Startup Name Review Tool

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The Travel Industry includes tour services like booking, reservation, Vacation packages, Tourism and hospitality management, Travel blogs and accommodations

How to pick a travel agency name?

As people are busily engaged in their day to day chores with the same old boring routine, they prefer to allocate some time that’s far off from what they are now as leisure for pleasure. Hence there is a vast amount of travel company business names in the present environment as people are readily getting involved to a great extent in Tourism as leisure to relax from their daily chores.

Therefore if you are planning to build up a business in the Travel Industry markup to the brand name qualities. If you’ve decided to start a travel agency then you need to look for some cool travel company names ideas and suggestions so you can choose the best brand name. Try to refer to some other related Industries such as Software IndustryFashion IndustryOnline Shopping IndustryEducation IndustryTransportation and Logistics Industry and  Food and Beverage Industry.

Travel Companies that Succeeded by Changing Their Brand Names

Travel Industry brand name example

Expedia is the world’s travel platform that includes some of the world’s most trusted online travel brands. It was formerly known as “Microsoft Expedia Travel Service” but the brand name idea here is too long for a Travel Industry. As their travel agency name idea did not meet up to the standards of the travel company brand naming tips they made a quick change to the previous brand name. Although Microsoft seems to be a good name their brand name idea comprises two keywords as well “Travel” and “Service”. Usage of Generic terms or partially generic terms is not welcomed in the standards present in naming qualities. A successful travel brand name should always comprise a single word and not include generic terms in it. As it has higher possibilities to generate pages with similar keywords and lose the opportunities that you get for your brand name. So it was a good step they took to rebrand their travel agency brand name. And the vocabulary score of the current brand name idea “Expedia” is high so that it can be easily pronounced and memorised. And here the brand name idea  is short and simple that does not include any special characters and numbers in it which could easily stick to the memory. Hence, it is considered as a perfect model of a catchy travel company name.

Tips for naming your brand or startup business

While selecting creative travel agency name ideas make sure to meet up to the tips for creating great brand names. Always have a keen concern on the character count of your travel company brand name that should range between 4,5 and 6 which is short and simple. And affirm whether your travel agency name idea does not bring out any negative connotations. And if you prefer to attain the legal ownership for your domain make sure to affix it along with a domain extension.

Here we have the latest and even best and catchy travel company names to give you an idea of their branding methods. We have identified the best brand names for the travel industry after evaluating all these brand naming methods.Let us now analyze the best travel company business names in accordance with our naming qualities that exist in the Travel Industry.

Brilliant Travel Agency Names Examples

Travel Industry brand name example

Frosch is redefining global travel management that provides luxurious service to vacation travellers. The uniqueness of a travel company business name exists only if it acquires the domain extension.And here the travel company name idea “Frosch” acquires the uniqueness as it comprises the .com domain extension. And moreover, the brand name here is short and simple that sticks easily in the minds of people. Always make your Travel agency name  with a word count range between 4,5 and 6 which is the quality of a best brandable name according to the travel company naming tips.

Travel Industry brand name example

Agoda is an online travel agency that serves as an online hotel and accommodation booking platform. This name is an ally with the Software & IT Industry as well.  Here the Travel brand name “Agoda” does not give the audience any negative meaning. Make sure while naming your travel company business name doesn’t comprise negative connotations from any other language. And here the travel agency name is a single term. As people forget lengthy terms that consist of many terms always affirm that your travel company brand name is a single termed word. So that audience could easily grasp your word into their memories.

Travel Industry brand name example

Balboa is a corporate travel specialist who focuses on helping reduce travel costs while providing their client’s a worry-free travel experience. The travel company name Balboa comes along with the domain extension. To hold the legal availability of your domain you should affix .com extension.And make sure your travel company brand name idea is not an imitation from any other brand names. Assure it while naming a brand for a Travel Industry. Imitating is not a good moral for a brand and has higher possibilities to fall. Therefore make sure not to imitate from any other brand names ideas while naming your brand/startup.

Travel Industry brand name example

Viator makes it simple for travellers to find exactly what they want to do. With direct access to bookable activities, where travellers can easily discover and book incredible experiences. Here the travel agency name idea “Viator” comprises a word count between 4-6. That is short and simple which is easily memorable and pronounceable. So that Voice assistants could easily grasp the word and direct to the travel company page. Therefore make sure to have a keen consideration on the character count of the travel company brand name while naming a brand for the Travel Industry.

Travel Industry brand name example

Skift defines tourism, bookings, travel agencies, accommodations and corporate travel. The vocabulary score of the word “Skift” is above 8, which is considered as the best score while naming a brand according to the travel agency brand naming qualities.Vocabulary score of a word is calculated in accordance with the pronunciation and memorization criteria.And here the travel company business name skift does not exist with any past history. It exists with a clean history. Always make sure to name a travel agency brand with a word that comprises a clean history. And make sure your travel agency brand name is a single term as if Skift which is between the word count range of 4,5 and 6. That is simple and short so that the audience could easily stick to the word.

What makes a brand name stand out worst in the industry

While looking at the drawbacks that made them stand as the worst travel brand name in the industry is because the letter count seemed too lengthy which was complex for the audience to get into. And they did not go along with the .com domain extension to stand a unique place in the Travel Business.

And some of them had a history before and most of the travel company brand names were imitated from another brand. So these were some of the drawbacks for them to mark up as the worst brand names in accordance with the naming qualities. We have to come up with top tips and strategies to promote the business effectively and the first step in that strategy is a memorable, simple and creative travel agency name idea.

Let us criticize and look at more travel business names that stood worst in the Industry.

What are some of the worst brand names in the Travel Industry

Travel Industry brand name example
Dream Journey Vacation

As you can see this travel agency name idea consists of three generic words; Dream+Journey+Vacations. Consisting of generic words may be difficult to route traffic and this is a huge negative point of success of a company. In order to shine in the industry, there should be a creative travel agency name. But this brand name idea does not even stick in users’ mind at the first impression. So, “Dream Journey Vacations” couldn’t become successful in the industry because they did not understand brand naming qualities.

Travel Industry brand name example
Travel Buddy

When you look at the travel company business name “Your travel buddy” it’s a combination of three common words. Almost all the popular travel companies use a single and unique name as their brand name because they have identified the travel agency naming tips.. A “Qualified” Brand name is the secret of their success in the industry. Users can remember a single word easily rather than three words. Simply, this name is too long as a brand name so this is not a catchy travel agency name.

Travel Industry brand name example
This Week In Travel Podcast

A name like “This Week In Travel Podcast” is too long as a travel company name. According to the brand name qualities, for a professional brand name, there should be 4-6 characters. It should be unique and simple but this brand name idea is a complicated name as it comprises four dictionary words. So, the memorization power of this name is poor. Low quality of the brand name is the main reason for this travel company name idea to become unsuccessful in the industry.

Travel Industry brand name example
24-hours Travel Services

Since numbers are easily forgettable, including numbers is not a plus point to a successful brand name. Users’ may face difficulties because of these numbers and as a result of this, it’s hard to make loyal customers. The vocabulary score also cannot be calculated if there are numbers in the brand name and that means it’s hard to memorize a brand name with numbers or special characters. Also, voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortona are confused and may not respond quickly to brand names like this. Refer brand naming tips in place to pick a catchy travel company name.

Travel Industry brand name example
12 hrs

In order to obtain uniqueness in the travel industry, there should be a .com domain ownership to a company. The most trustable domain extension is .com domain extension. Generally, all people are more familiar with the .com domain extension. So, they type .com domain extension instead of other domain extensions like .net while surfing the web. So it’s better to have a .com domain extension because it gives limitless access to the worldwide and owing to its uniqueness.

Travel Industry brand name example
Iace-usa Travel

When you peep into this travel company name “Iace-usa”, there is a hyphen which is used to separate two words. Consisting special characters may confuse users and they have to put an extra effort to memorize the hyphen because normally, hyphens are forgettable. voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortona are hard and may not respond quickly to brand names like this. So, in order to shine in the Industry please select a catchy travel agency name which contains  brand naming qualities.

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